iOS 13 dictation bug

Hi all,
Just updated to iOS 13 on the morning of Friday September 20th (Thailand time). So far from my experience the one annoying bug I've came across is that, for some reason, whenever I used dictation, it would randomly alternate between English and Thai (the languages I set in my dictation setting), I.E when I said something in English it would sometimes insert text in the Thai language, and vice versa.
Has anyone else experience this bug? Would this bug be fixed in iOS 13.1?


Same here for Greek and Ίνγκλις

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It happens also with Greek and English now I am dictating this so it may not show correctly just for example. However this time it worked. Ha ha but usually after seeing this problem more than once

I only speak one language so

I only speak one language so I cannot test this. Ok, I only speak one language well, so I really don't want to test this as I will have a horable accent.

Good luck and report this if you can.

A few dictation bugs

This is interesting. I was dictating in Swedish earlier and am pretty sure that some of the words that came out were English. Took me a while to figure it out since the Swedish voice was reading them. :)I do wonder if this is a bug or an enhancement where dictation will try to detect the language. Or maybe it's just my awful Swedish!

Another annoying bug is on certain apps like Facebook or Google translate, where dictation seems to insert 1 or 2 characters at the end simply called "attachment," and which are called nothing at all when the delete button is pressed to erase them.

How does it work?

I speak Castellano( AKA by nice US spanish which it is not) How do I use it? Do I need to setup something?

The mentioned bug is still present in iOS 13.1

I updated to iOS 13.1, and it seems that the bug I mentioned in my original post has not been resolved, at least from my tests so far.
But if this is indeed a new feature, I wish there is a way to turn it it's kind of annoying, when I try to dictate in English and it somehow inserts a Thai language text...