iOS 11 apple podcast app

hello for those who update there iOS to 11, we know the redesign of native podcast app in iOS 11, and how is it? does it be more efficient now? what does the update added to it, aside from new user interface. what can you say?




To be honest I don't like it.

To be honest I don't like it. From time to time I want to check out my feed and play the things that I'm interessted in while deleting the rest. To delete a podcast in the new app seems to be quite complicated and time consuming. You have to go into each separate show. It's not possible to do that from the Listen Now tab that shows all the new episodes.
I also don't want to check out new shows that I might like every day. So all these recommendations and most relevant things you have on that listen now screen bother me. Also I want my podcasts to be sorted by date and not by relevancy or in the way the broadcaster wants it.
The new podcast app reminds me of the new Facebook Messenger app somehow. Instead of showing all the conversations full screen in chronological order they get separated into different sections and stuff. As a consequence I switched to a third party app Downcast which is very easy to use and quite comfortable for people who want to organize podcasts themselves.

iOS11 Podcast Sort Button

I found the sort button to be quite useful. If I remember correctly, you can sort by date, alphabetical, or by manual, which then gives you the reorder buttons. The sort button helped me to like the native podcast app once again.

Personal Preferences

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Hey AppleForAll,

Yes, there is no doubt that this new format is going to take a bit to get used to in what you had from iOS 10. For me I also prefer a different podcast app. As mentioned I still use my handy dandy trusty Overcast. But, I still think some people are going to like this new Podcast app. It really comes down to personal preferences really.

As always thanks for taking the time to leave your comment and being totally honest. I really do appreciate your honesty and of your thoughts. It is always great to have other weigh in even when they disagree of my assessment on something. I think it only gives a fair balance for others to hear and read by others. ;)

I totally agree that you are right. There are going to be some that will not like the new Podcast in iOS 11 at all and others that do like it Thank goodness for choices!

Also, thank you Roxann Pollard of your findings and tips!


first of all I use overcast as my default podcast app but taking issue with the downloading per episode which is overcast has not, what does the overcast have is to download all the new episode it has no selection per episode you want only to download, that's why I'm asking for the new version of native podcast app. and also can I ask if the new podcast app has the smart boost or sort of playback option like overcast and downcast does offer.

I hate it. I can't do

I hate it. I can't do anything on!! I listen to podcasts almost exclusively 50-60 a week and I can't make heads or tails out of new App.
Can't make a list of pods without the huge icon.
Can't autoplay all of the unplayed pods chronologically.
too much extra info that has to be scrolled through
This is horrible

Podcast update

I absolutely hate the new update and I can’t see myself listening as often as I have become to. My gripes:

1. Not able to move within a podcast. I have no interest in using the 15 second ff button to move an hour into a podcast.
2. No sleep timer. What the heck?
3. The page where my podcasts are is too busy so I’m not able to find the specific podcast quickly.

Please fix this.

I ahve tried overcast and

I ahve tried overcast and have never regret doing that.

I strongly recomend this app because the play list feature is powerful and the effects are very good.

Also the fact that I can control what gets downloaded and when to clear the data is amasing ... Standard Apple apps do not have to be the only noor they have to be the best option always.

Continuous play?

One big issue I noticed, is that if I play an episode from a podcast, when as before it would play episodes from that podcast one after the other, now this isn't happening. I have set for the episodes of a podcast to be played from oldest to newest, but there seems to be a lack of continuity and the next episode simply won't play automatically, even though there are more episodes on my iPad for that specific podcast. Unless there's something I can do to make that happen?

podcast app

I HATE the "upgrade"!!! Why does everything have to have a BIG picture associated with it? I want to see my list of podcasts without having to scroll through a zillion screens because only a few big icons fit on a screen. Also, there is NO way to see which podcasts have new unplayed episodes. it lists ALL the episodes you have downloaded and not deleted. Sometimes i save them because I want to replay parts of them. Also, for some reason, even though I have it set that only 5 of the newest should be downloaded, for about 1/2 ( a seemingly random half) of my podcasts, 2 years of weekly podcasts are now listed, and there seems to be NO way to batch delete them. ARGHHHH. Plus, I hate that to listen to one, you have to select the podcast, then scroll through all the downloaded crap, then select the podcast, then drag up the screen to adjust the volume or ff. Totally unnecessary steps ! Maybe time to try some other podcast apps. As with many apple things, their improvements are not improvements but seem totally unnecessary and time wasting.

Editing podcasts

for the life of me I can't find any way to edit the podcast such as changing listening order etc once I have subscribed. I go into library and there is a list of the shows and when I go into one, for example, The Tim Ferris show, it tells me I'm subscribed but there is no way of changing any of the settings of the podcast or even unsubscribing... Am I being super dumb here?



I can't delete any of my

I can't delete any of my podcasts despite listening to Marco's tutorial. I can get to the "show" button, but after I double-tap on that nothing happens. Very odd. Don't know if it's just me, though. If something similar has happened to you please let me know so that I know I'm not going crazy.

Good To Know

Thanks for all this great info. As many on here know I recently acquired my first iPhone, and I briefly checked out the separate podcasts app. It seems pretty good in terms of accessibility with VoiceOver, but I'll make the final call once I start using it.