Introducing Rivo 2, a new Bluetooth keyboard and handset designed for the blind

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Hi, Let me introduce Rivo 2, a new Bluetooth keyboard and handset designed for the blind. Composed of 12 buttons in the middle like a telephone keypad, there are 4 buttons on the left, 4 buttons on the right, and 3 side buttons. The size is like 10 credit cards stacked on top of each other and it weighs 55g. It provides functions for VoiceOver screen navigation with sound feedback, typing text, making and receiving phone calls, generating touch-tones for telephone services, remote for audio, music, and voice recognition like Siri. These functions together help the blind use iPhone without touchscreen gestures. People are using Rivo all the time to use their iPhone, and they are even using their iPhone in the pocket or bag while walking with a cane in one hand. Please visit Rivo homepage for more information and a short introductory YouTube video. Thanks. June at Rivo team Mobience & Braillist Inc.


RIVO firmware update

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Is there an IOS app for firmware update planned? It would be easier than using a computer. I found the larger keypad much easier to use than on the original version. I also enjoy the music player option like those found on some speakers and headsets.


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Update through an iOS app is not planned but we will simplify the current update procedure using Windows. Thanks for using Rivo.


Will you ship to the UK?

shipping and cost

do you ship to estonia and how much does it all with shipping cost?


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Shipping costs us about $35 to most countries, and it costs more for some countries. However, we will ship free for some time.

One thing I'm afraid of is that Estonian language is not in the list of 27 languages currently supported. We couldn't have started with all the languages at once, but we will add more languages for sure as necessary.

I'll have to look at this.

I'll have to take a look at this.
I don't use an iPhone anymore, but I still do use an iPad. Honestly typing on a touching screen is kind of a pain if you're blind. More often than not I'm using dictation whether on my iPad, or on my Android.
Will this product eventually become cross platform? Like can I use just one for both my iPad, and my android?

I own a Rivo

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How different is the Rivo 2 from the original Rivo? Can I do a firmware upgrade to my Rivo using the Mac?

Rivo remembers up to six iOS or Android devices

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Rivo can remember up to six devices and you can switch between these devices with Rivo. You can also set iOS or Android individually and it remembers the setting. We support many languages in iOS, but for Android, currently, only English is supported. Supporting more languages in Android is planned though. One more thing to understand is that despite using the latest Android Accessibility Suite app, some navigation commands may not work in some Android models. We expect this would improve as Google updates the app just like Apple updates VoiceOver to handle bugs.

Rivo 2 vs. the original Rivo

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Rivo 2 has a built-in speaker and an earphone jack to deliver sounds from the smartphone. You may, of course, toggle this feature.
It can also deliver user voice captured from its microphone to the smartphone for phone calls and voice recognition.
Handling DTMF touch-tones has been a long-awaited feature.
There is convenient one-handed mode and efficient two-handed mode.
Rivo remembers up to six iOS or Android devices for quick switching.
Firmware update is supported, but currently, it's though Windows only. Current update procedure is somewhat complex, and we are trying to simplify that procedure.
Finally, more VoiceOver commands are included such as Force Touch and Search.
All of these features are described in the manual page at

Be Mindful Of Your Market

Greetings June, no dis’, but I must admit that your reintroduction of the RIVO is rather sad for what seems to be a product with potential. First of all, your web site is not ready for prime time. No info. On pricing or how to order or even contact you. Additionally, since you’re marketing this product for the blind and visually impaired community, I really felt you should have had someone explaining what some of the key sequences were rather than just having VoiceOver simply announcing what was happening. Before the merger there was an older demo which IMO was far superior in terms of relevance and understanding of how one operates the RIVO. Sometimes it’s really a good idea to simply leave good enough alone.


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Thanks for your feedback. But it's strange that although our web is simple and brief, it does have info about price, order, and contact, and the Rivo manual fully explains how to use Rivo. I think this new Rivo is not a reintroduction of old Rivo just like new iPhone is not a reintroduction of old iPhone. There are many changes that most of our customers really welcome. Believe it or not, we're glad we have reflected as many feedback as possible since the initial release of the original Rivo quite many years ago, and we're so happy and proud to help people with our product. But we know there are many more to improve and we welcome feedback.

price is a little high

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hi so this sounds very cool but I feel like the price is a bit high for me already having a Revo keyboard so because I already have one and because of the price point I feel like I am not able to justify getting this one


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I really thank you for being our customer and helping us in creating this unique product. We hope it becomes a more and more useful tool.

High Price

I agree that the price is really high, and not just a little high because this time the price is more than twice of the original version.

Do you have a distributer in the U.S and India?

Hi June, Where to purchase this Rivo 2 keypad in the U.S? and do you have a distributer in India? Does your distributer in the U.S have stock of this rivo 2 keypad or will it have to be shipped all the way from South Korea?