Introducing Hooke Verse Wireless Headphones; Capture Binaural 3D Audio on your iOS device

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Hi All!

I was referred to this amazing site by one of your members Justin (drummer0608)

I myself am not blind, but I have invented a product that blind iOS users like Justin are getting really excited about. He urged that I share here.

My name is Anthony Mattana. For the last 5 years I've worked as a professional sound designer and composer in NYC. Now I am the founder and creator of Hooke Audio and have always been fascinated by binaural audio. For those that don't know, binaural audio is recorded audio captured identically to the way the human ear experiences sound. The result is a two channel recording that makes any listener with a pair of headphones feel like they are there. How cool is that?!

There haven't been any products out there that let a user record binaural audio to their iphones, so I decided to invent one! I combined binaural recording technology into a pair of wireless headphones. It's called the Hooke Verse. Hooke Audio is my company. Hooke is both a playback and capturing device, capable of playing music AND recording 3D Audio. Check out my site here: and our youtube channel here to hear our 3d recordings captured with Hooke:

I hope to bring binaural recording to all by making storytelling as easy as unlocking your iOS device!

Would love to hear what you guys think of my product and would be happy to answer any questions you might have! Right now we are manufacturing the headphones. You can pre order via our website. They are set to ship late this summer.

Thank you!


We are not shipping different

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We are not shipping different devices than what we are using in our demos. That would be illegal.

Higher amounts of hiss on recorders using the Hooke Verse cable could be caused from 1 of the following issues:

1. The user is plugging the 3.5mm Hooke cable into the mic input on their recorder instead of the line input. Plug into the line level jack.
2. The user has plug in power on. It should be off when using the Verse.
3. The user does not have the Verse powered on when recording over the cable.

Wireless rocks!

Wireless rocks! I'm so looking forward to trying the Verse, as it will change the way I record the world. Before, I used the olympus DS30 which was my field recorder. I used it to record everything, from family events to special concerts at churches around the world. and before that, I used to use the Olympus WS321M as both a voice recorder and music player. With the Olympus WS321M, I used it to record everything, from family events to random things. Now with the Verse and the Hooke Audio Mobile recording app, recording is about to change, as this will bring all of the memories that I record to life as I've never herd it before! now, I will be able to capture family events: Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc, to random things: me or my family membors singing, a Live concert at my home church, etc, all in Binaural 4D Audio! Folks will feel like they are their, all wirelessly over bluetooth. I'm a bluetooth kind of guy, and I love to go wireless.

Your comments aren't helping the discussion

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Thanks, we know how much you love wireless etc etc, but your comments aren't helping those of us who own the product and having the issue.
@Anthony, you previously said to plug the Verse into the mic port, that gives out a ton of noise.
Now you said to plug into the line in port, and the volume of the recording is so low that you can hardly hear the recording. Mic gain is on high.

Visu, you have no right to

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Visu, you have no right to speak to other members of this community like that. We are all working towards the same goal.

What recorder are you using? Send me a recording where the cable is plugged into the line input and input gain is set to max.

@AnthonyM agreed

@AnthonyM agreed. we are all here to treet each other nicely. And to the previous poster, I hope the problem gets fixed sooner or later.

No it doesn't

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@Anthony If you have your volume up to maximum then yes, it sounds fine other than the slight hiss. Otherwise at normal volume it sounds terrible.

Hooke Verse and low bit rates? Some questions

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Hi Anthony and all,
Having looked at some M4A files recorded using Hooke Verse on the iPhone, I noticed that they have a bit rate of 129 kbps or 130 kbps.
Now can Hooke Verse record using higher bit rates in its wireless mode? If so, do users have any control over the range of bit rates available to them? And can the headset record in, say, WAV when high-quality recording is required?
I'm afraid 130 kbps is really inadequate to capture the audio nuances of a scene -- I was expecting at least 192 kbps or, even better, 320 kbps. Also, I'm still wondering why Hooke Verse doesn't allow MP3 recording on the iPhone? Benefits of M4A aside, the MP3 format is more popular and more playable, and offering it at least as an option would be tremendously helpful.

tried the steps


I tried this:
- turn off the hook verse
- Go to settings and give hooke audio access to the microphone
- Killed the settings and hooke audio app
- Connect the hook verse over bluetooth
- Open the app and start recording

- No audio monitor
- Recording volume is very low

Any tips?

When you have

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When you have the person selling his device outright denying that there's a problem with the Hooke Verse, you know you're probably not going to get very far. How can you say there are no issues with the recording I made and linked above when it's obvious that the volume is ridiculously low?


Aha I see, any chance in adding video recording features on the app? I know it's pushing the envelope a bit, but it will be great to capture brilliant audio with video!
Pods as in the headphones that comes with iPhones, not the headphones with tips that goes right into your ears, they are rounded, that sits on the outside of your ears.
If you need a tester that has vision as well as using Voiceover, please let me know! :)

Yet again, seeking info re bit rates and recording formats

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Hi Anthony and Hooke Audio staff,

I'd appreciate it if you could take some time to shed some light on the bit rates the Hooke Verse uses to record audio. As mentioned above -- and I'm quoting myself:

Having looked at some M4A files recorded using Hooke Verse on the iPhone, I noticed that they have a bit rate of 129 kbps or 130 kbps.
Now can Hooke Verse record using higher bit rates in its wireless mode? If so, do users have any control over the range of bit rates available to them? And can the headset record in, say, WAV when high-quality recording is required? I'm afraid 130 kbps is really inadequate to capture the audio nuances of a scene -- I was expecting at least 192 kbps or, even better, 320 kbps. Also, I'm still wondering why Hooke Verse doesn't allow MP3 recording on the iPhone? Benefits of M4A aside, the MP3 format is more popular and more playable, and offering it at least as an option would be tremendously helpful.

Moreover, I'm yetg again asking for information and tech specs regarding the SPL of the microphones. I really can't imagine purchasing a product like an audio recorder without knowing the SPL of its mics, the bit rate(s) it uses, the format(s) it uses to record audio, etc. So, once and for all, please clarify these points.


Info like this can be found

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Info like this can be found on our support tab of our site:

Hooke Verse does record in 24bit 48kHz. However, the packing and transmitting of this audio is unlike any other microphone on the market. Never has a microphone sent multiple channels of high quality audio over bluetooth to a smartphone before. The analog microphones at the Verse pick up omni directional 24bit 48kHz audio. Max SPL input 115dB. This audio is then digitally sparked into bits which are sent over Bluetooth to the phone for unpacking. It is very precise how  many bits are sent and at what frequency so as to ensure optimum performance and risk bluetooth packet loss. The app then receives the bit and unpacks them into a desired file format. Though the resulting file is an m4a, it is not the m4a in which you are normally accustomed to as it has been sent via bluetooth bit transfer from a 24bit 48kHz microphone. Regardless, we plan to roll out .wav packaging and .aac packaging in further updates.

The Hooke App records audio at 320kbps. Variable bit rate is implemented into our recording codec on purpose. Depending on the environment and amount of BT devices in the area during a stream (record) the codec can experience packet loss during streaming. To compensate for this, we dip in sample rate so that the resulting recording isn’t just a moment of complete silence. We are working on a new codec now that will eliminate these instances of sample rate drop compensation. The BT stack on iOS and Android has changed drastically since we first started developing the codec, so it is due for an update.

Thanks, Anthony, for the detailed reply

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Hi Anthony,
Special thanks are in order for clarifying the issues I brought up.
Having read your message, I now feel more confident about the future of Hooke Verse and its expanded functionality. I might even order one myself!
Now may I know if I order the Verse, say, today, when will it be delivered to a US address?

your levels are too low.

@Falco problem is your levels in the app are too low to hear anything. This will be much easier to change in the next app update coming any time now. For now, if you would like to add me to skype I would be happy to walk you through a fix. Please contact me.

New iOS Update Has Arrived!

App Developer


App Developer

Great update, but doesn't fix the hardware issues while recording through audio recorders (which you deny even though the recording I sent you says it all.)

Amazing update with lots of accessibility fixes!

@AnthonyM thanks very much for the update! lots of accessibility fixes in this update. I love it! Cannot wait to try it when I get the verse. btw, when you double tap on the list view button and it is selected, you can swipe down with 1 finger till voiceover says "delete" then double tap to delete your recording. and the phone finally vibrates when you start/stop recording as promised! nicely done, and keep up the good work Hooke Audio team!!!

app update and hooke with olympus dm5


Since the update of the ooke app, my hooke verse works very fine. I can make recoridngs etc and they sound very good.

But when I use the Hooke verse with my Olympus DM 5 I get a very loud White noise in my recording?

You can't use DM5

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The DM5 does not have a line in port, and according to Anthony you have to use the line in port, not the mic port. So you won't be able to use the Hooke Verse DM5.

Olympus DM5

Hey @Falco!

As @AnthonyM and others have posted, you must connect the cable to your recorder's line in jack, NOT the microphone input, the line input! OK??

If your olympus dm5 does not have a line in jack, you're out of luck.

About the new version of the app:

Thank you! This is where the app should have been in its development when it was initially released. How it was released in the form it was, despite input from Voiceover users and a year or two of development, will just remain one of those mysteries of life, right up there with #covfefe. :)

Now we just need uncompressed PCM recording to 24-bit 48K, so we can actually call this "professional" or "semi-professional".

Strange problem

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Thanks for the app update, it's much better than it was. I'm still experimenting with Hooke to see if/how I can get consistently good results. However a strange problem I'm having with the headset is that sometimes when I have it on, the ear tip comes off, so that I'm left with an ear tip inside my ear and the earpiece itself on the headset detaches from it and comes out. Is that more likely to be a problem with the headset, or am I not putting the eartips on properly, or do I have strange ears?

What Are You Doing?

Wow, what are you doing to the poor Hookeverse?

I haven't had anything come apart on mine.

If you replaced the earbud tips with another size, perhaps you didn't seat the tip onto the earpiece firmly enough.

It takes a fair bit of force to remove the earbud tips on mine. If the medium are too large, try the small size of either the silicone or memory foam tips.

Wrong way

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You're probably inserting the tips onto the Verse up side down. Try flipping over the tips and reinserting them.

To Chris and Visu

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No, the unit isn't breaking, the eartips are just coming off as I'm wearing it. Visu, I very much doubt I'm putting them on the wrong way, because they don't even fit onto the unit the other way. ON reflection it's probably just a case of applying a bit more force when putting the tips on.

new audio clips of the hooke verse

All. I am going to start uploading small things I capture with the Hooke Verse via AudioBoom. To visit my page please go to: I hope you guys enjoy these, and feel free to post ideas you would like to hear in binaural audio :)

Package status

Hi @AnthonyM and everyone elce, I would like to give you a package status. Last friday, I've successfully ordered the Verse, and I was so excited to make the purchase. On Tuesday the 6th, I received an email notification that the package was shipping from China, which their warehouse is located. No wonder it is manufactured in another country. Meanwhile, On Monday the 12th, I received another email notification informing me that the package is in Los Angeles, CA, and yesterday, after checking the package status, it's being processed for delivery through UPS. Will keep you guys posted, but for now, I should be receiving it before the end of the week. No wonder it's taking long, but I'm so excited at the same time. After all, this is indeed a groundbreaking technology that was supported by kickstarter backers, followed by Videos from their youtube channel, to the production, and now the final finished product. I cannot wait to capture my life in Binaural 3D Audio. It's time to upgrade the internal microphone of my iPhone to the Verse. And as the founder always says, From one ear to another. Keep watching this space for another update from me soon.

Package is on it's way!!!

Great news @AnthonyM and everyone elce, Package is on it's way!!! So looking forward to captureing the moments in 3D Audio. Looks like shipping is very fast. Will update you guys once the package arrives.

To Moopie Curran

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You probably want to contact the Hookeverse team at their website through their official help channels.

Package has arrived to Florida!

Update, Package has arrived to Florida! I will be receiving it by next week! so excited!!! Binaural 3D Audio, here I come!

Received my Hookeverse

Hello all,

I just wanted to let you all know that my Hookeverse has arrived.

So far, with the testing I had done, Recording with the Olympus LS14 and Hookeaudio app, We're both extremely amazing! I have not tested with the Olympus LS100 yet, But I will just say this. I am quite amazed. Not only was the Recording sound clear, but I truly felt like I was there – There was none of this me having to yell to get my voice heard into the microphones. I am quite Excited to record some more stuff with the Hookeverse. All I can say is, to the HookeAudio team, You guys did an amazing job. I am going to do more thorough testing, and what not, With the Olympus LS100. I am just thrilled to be a part of the Hookverse community.

Goodbye for now.

Great for you!

To the previous poster, Great for you. I will be receiving mine probably on Monday. I cannot wait. I'm sure the sound quality is simply amazing. Please share with us some recordings once you play around with the unit. Again, congratulations.

Finally received the Verse!

Hi @AnthonyM and everyone elce. I finally received the verse! Mom's going to pick it up from the post office tomorrow. Cannot wait to play around with the Verse. Also, something I forgot to mention, the audio in the hooke audio app for iOS is actually in mp3, not m4a. To the hooke audio team, keep it as mp3, since it can be played on all media players and computers. Again, Thanks Hooke Audio for producing such a wonderful product for everyone. This indeed changes the way we all record the world and beyond! I cannot wait to share some of my recordings with you guys. -:)

Does this product

Does this product work on computers such as windows or mac? Or can it only be paired with the hook audio iOS app? I was thinking of testing it out. I tried looking up the headphones on amazon and ebay, but those websites brought up some results that didn't match what I typed in the search bar. Or maybe the hook verse wireless headphones are not being sold on amazon and ebay at this time?

It can work on computers

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It can work on computers using the recording wire, as long as your computer has a 3.5m stereo line input on it. It cannot record 3d audio wirelessly to desktops. Our 3D Audio recording apps are only available on iOS and Android. Thanks!


@AnthonyM thanks for that, but I will use my phone to record for now, since it's faster. also, will their be an app update that has both the gallery button and record button as icons instead of voiceover saying the word button?

Today's the day!

Hello @AnthonyM and others, Today's the day! I'm so looking forward to using the Hooke Verse. in fact, I'm so looking forward to recording in 3d audio. recordings expected are as follows:
Random stuff in 3d audio
4th of July in 3d audio
Birthday celebrations in 3d audio
Family gatherings: Christmas, New Years, etc in 3d audio
Calvary FTL worship service in 3d audio
and more!
These recordings will be posted onto my youtube channel,as well as facebook and twitter, so stay tuned! 3d audio recording rocks!

i dare say you've created a monster, lol

I think someone's just a little excited, maybe! lol please keep the content to a low roar. we don't need 5000 recordings of every single thing ever. just send a couple quick samples, and that'll serve everyone well, and give everyone an idea of how it sounds.


@toonhead that was me. my bad. OK, since you said it, I'll send a few samples but that's it.

My experience with the Verse so far

Hi @AnthonyM and everyone elce, I've come to share with you guys my experience with the Verse so far. I'm totally loving the sound quality and overall performance. I've used it earlyer to test with my mother, and when she herd the recording back, She was amazed at the overall sound quality. My question is regarding gane levels, and if Anthony or anyone elce could answer, that would be fantastic. I've played around with the microphone gane, but I'm not sure which are the recommended gane levels for, say, normal talking/family gatherings, to loud concerts indoores/outdoores. By default it's set to 2. The gane can go all the way up to 11, which if too high, it could cause clipping/distortion. So which are the recommended gane levels? Thanks for the help.

OH the Suspense!

Haven't heard from @AnthonyM in awhile; he must be hard at work. :)

I hope sales are going well. Lots of blind people have bought HookeVerse, but I wonder how the adoption has been in other communities? (location sound/film/tv, concert tapers, nature recordists, podcasters...)

I eagerly await new features to the Hooke Audio app, such as the ability to capture uncompressed 16-bit WAV (or perhaps FLAC, now that iOS 11 can finally play FLAC)

I tape concerts and loud band practices, so I'm also looking forward to some sort of bass filter, -6dB per octave starting at 120 Hertz would be ideal.

So Anthony, what's cookin' at Hookeaudio HQ?

can't pair verse with iphone cadk't

Hi Folks,
I can't seem to pair my new verse with my iPhone 8 running ios 13. When I switch on the unit it plays the arpeggio sound to say it's on, then gives a long, high-ish" pitched" beep. Holding the button in for longer plays a" two note rising beep, but during all of this my phone can't see the verse. What am I doing wrong. All help or insight gratefully received.

Pairing Hooke Verse

You are doing the steps correctly, just be sure to have your iPhone open to bluetooth settings, and the verse should show up when in pairing mode.
Hold down the power button, and you will hear a four tone rising sequence, continue holding and you will hear a two atone rising sequence.
This is how you know the verse is in pairing mode.
Then, if you navigate to the other devices section under bluetooth, you should see the verse in that list.
If not try power cycling everything, and turning off and on bluetooth again.
I hope this helps.