initial queries regarding airpods

hi all has anyone else noted that when typing on the qwerty keyboard the airpods shout each letter out and other voiceover prompts, are of a normal volume? also, for the price, i would have expected the airpods to know which device they are connected to between my iphone and ipad, without me having to tell it each time. i really enjoy the freedom of these though just seem like small niggles. i use ios 10 on my iphone, and ios 11 on the ipad mini 4.


#1 The shouting thing is a BT

The shouting thing is a BT issue not sure Apple can do anything to fix this.

#2 it's bug on ios 11

the problem of VoiceOver that shout when typing text it's one of from few bugs that was started in one of the version of ios, i think ios8.3 or later. it's very annoyng bugs and very uncomfpteble. I know that apples know this from what i know.

#3 switching devices

hi all, i have an ipad mini 4 and an iphone 7. the ipad runs ios 11 the iphone, ios 10 at present. when i have selected the airpods from the media controls in ios 10 on the iphone and finished with them, how do i now in ios 11 select them for the ipad? i know i can just start playing audio and find them in the playback destination, but seems unnecessary steps. finally, how do i stop the airpods defaulting to the iphone every time they are put in my ears? i assume if i want to predominantly use them with the ipad that bluetooth should be disabled on my iphone if not syncing my fitbit?Will