Improper Apps List Structure for Screen Reader Users on Windows Since iTunes 12


I've sent the following mail to Apple Accessibility.
If you have a different experience, please leave a comment. If you agree with me, please send an email like me.

Since iTunes 12, it has become very difficult to manipulate the lists in the App section under an iOS device tab on Windows for a blind screen reader user.
Both the lists for installing or removing apps and for adding or removing files do not provide names of the list items regardless of the screen reader used.
The name of the currently visible items can be found out by tabbing outside the list, but that does not indicate which item has the focus and can consequently be manipulated.
In short: arrowing and tabbing no longer provides relevant information for a screen reader user.
This issue is also seen in the download activity section.

This poses serious challenges for managing apps as well as adding files to individual apps. This was not a problem in iTunes 11.




Thanks for stating the problem so well. I'm surprised there isn't more description of the navigational challenges using iTunes 12 in Windows on this forum.
I am not good at describing how difficult iTunes is to use with screen readers so appreciate a good letter like this.
I know about BlindTunes. Even that developer is quite challenged to make the scripts work smoothly.