I'm having a problem with mail attachments. Please help

Hi all. I emailed Uber support, asking for a credit to be applied. However it never was in the account, and the only record I have is the email from them a few days ago. So, how do I attach that mail message, while I stil reply to the email? Any answers would be great, soon as you could would help very much. Thanks.


#1 C and P?


Have you tried to copy and paste the original email?

Go to your inbox, and copy the email using Command C or edit> copy. Then reply to the email and at the body of the email, command V or edit> paste.

IF that doesn’t work, I’m sure someone else will come along with a suggestion.

HTH and good luck.

#2 Forward

Instead of replying to Ubers message, you could simply forward the original message back to Uber.
Replying typically strips the message of attachments, but forwarding does not.