iBooks, Moving to a bookmark Previously Created

Hello: I am able to add or remove bookmarks when reading a book in iBooks but is there a bookmark list I can access to go back to a previously created one? Thanks very much.


Moving to list of bookmarks

Hello Debbie and everyone, here is how to find a list of bookmarks you have created. When reading a book, there are a series of buttons present near the top left corner of the screen: a library button, an appearance button, and a list-view button. Double-tap the list-view button and keep flicking right from the top of the page which opens. This list-view allows you to view the book's table of contents, as well as bookmarks and notes you have created. I do not know how to create a note, perhaps someone could enlighten me? There are three tabs that you can double-tap in order to view bookmarks, notes or the table of contents. Double-tapping each item in the list under each tab will jump you to that point in the book. I hope this helps.