I need help with my Iphone.

Hello everyone. i have a question about announcement of our phone calls. My question is, how can I make siri speek call announcement? I do'nt like that the voice over making the announcement. pleas help.


#1 phone settings

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If you go to Settings > Phone, there is an option to announce calls. With this option, calls should be announced using the SIRI voice, as Voiceover announces calls regardless of whether this setting is activated or not.


#2 I checked but it did'nt work.

I tryed the way you showed me, but it did not work. I went in settings for phone in iphone, but the setting for announce call s allways. is there onother way?

#3 Didn't work

That didn't work for me with Voiceover on Siri won't announce it.

#4 I suppose the only option is

I suppose the only option is to sit Siri as your default voice for VO. That way, when there is an incoming call, it will be Siri's voice who will announce it for you.