I need to confirm the accessibility, or inaccessibility of this game.

I wish it's free

It's 4 Turkish liras, if it was free I would try it :(

This might be unpoppular, here's my suggestion

You buy the app, test it out, Then if it isn't accessible to your liking, request a refund. Nothing wrong with it, in my view, because you already gave it a shot. Apple won't care about the dollar, that's how much it is in American currency.

I like Siobhan's idea but

I've done it so many times with expensive and inexpensive apps alike. I'm afraid that at some point I'll start building up some sort of reputation. I'm the refund king.

Here's how I figure this option

You don't know, you take the app, and it doesn't work. Maybe it's really inaccessible, or it's accessible to someone else, but you aren't willing to either put up with it, or whatever the case is. So you ask for a refund. I mean, it is, a "problem", right? As for building a rep? When I'm dead, I'm sure they'll go wow, thank god she's not asking for refunds anymore! Lol.

Well, it's inaccessible.

Now let's just hope I get my refund. Never had a problem before, but there's always a first time.