Huboodle now available!

App Developer

We at AppA11y are excited to announce the the release of Huboodle! With multiple games and chat functionality Huboodle sets the bar for accessible social gaming! Play Word War, Battle Cats, Word Builder, Pirate Poker, and Barracks blackjack!

Download from the app store with the following link:

Thank you for your support!



#1 Awesome game!

It is very addictive. Thank you, developers, for creating this great game.

#2 This game is cool

I just started playing this game and its cool.

#3 Does this replace word War?

Does this replace word War?

#4 For those who played Word War and Battle Cats

App Developer

To answer the question about Word War, yes Huboodle does replace Word War as well as Battle Cats. Both games are now included in Huboodle so please delete Word War/Battle Cats before logging into Huboodle. Your Word War/Battle Cats stats and gold associated to your user will carry over to Huboodle as long as you use the same login. We have retired both Word War and Battle Cats on the store and will be adding new games through Huboodle.

PLEASE NOTE: For those who use social media to log into our games, you will need to delete Word War (and/or Battle Cats) before attempting to log into Huboodle with Facebook or Twitter. If you do not delete Word War/Battle Cats they will be opened instead of Huboodle when trying to log into Huboodle.

#5 Love this game

I also love this game. I have only played Word War and Word Builder so far, but will try the other games at some point.

#6 New Version of Huboodle in App Store

App Developer

There is a new version of Huboodle in the app store ( with several bug fixes. Also, we will be adding a new game to Huboodle in the next few weeks. Thanks for playing!

-AppA11y Team

#7 Registration bug

I am still having problems creating a player account for this game is anyone else on this website having a problem registering for a account with Huboodle?