how to prevent new features message from coming up when launching roger?

I'm new to roger and I noticed everytime I launch the app it comes up telling me about the new conversations feature. Is there a way to disable this?


#1 no way i can tell

This happens to me too, and there's no way I know of to get it to stop displaying that message. Roger Team? What say you guys?

#2 I'd like

I'd like to know if there's a way to get this to stop coming up as well. it's very, very annoying and it hate the hell out of it. Make it die.

#3 This is annoying here tooo but

This is annoying here too but, I did speak to the folks with Roger via an e-mail. They have said that in the next update that this notification will not be shown when launching Roger. I have no idea when that'll be but, their you guys and gals go.