how to make youtube videos

hi my name is amir shah and I am blind I want to make youtube videos on my iPhone or on the computer. But how to I add music in the back round how to you edit when you are blind. Dois anyone no about accessible web sight or app


#1 Hopefully this might be helpful

I have a small but growing YouTube channel! I use a series of different apps. Some of them include the native YouTube app, iMovie, the Clips app, and backpack studios! These are all apps that are easy to use for people who have visual impairments As I am totally blind, my video isn’t always spot on, but it’s not too bad! A tripod I think could help also because you could set your camera on your tripod and aim it in the direction you want to go I use Clips and iMovie for editing pictures I use the native YouTube app for video if I am doing live video. I also use Blindfold Video then I use backpack studio to add music actually iMovie is what I use to tie everything all together if I need to further explain myself, just let me know! My thoughts make sense to myself, and hope it won’t come across jumbled on here

#2 I use Backpack

I use an app called Backpack which costs about $10 in the App store. I also have a YouTube channel. I use either the native mic, or I have a couple of external mics that I use. Hope this helps!

#3 how do use backpack

how do you use backpack app. I download the app but I can not mix music and how do I sended to youtube I have a youtube account

#4 Blind Youtuber

I am completely blind and make fishing videos which has a lot of moving parts during production. Sometimes not at all when the fish decide not to bite but that’s a different topic.
I movie is my primary video editing software and I have written a guide on how to use it called “A Guide to Accessible IMovie.” It is posted on this site and is basically the same process that I do for my own videos. My channel is linked in my profile if you would like to check it out

#5 regarding backpack

I change the file format to stereo video and then record my audio. When I am dodone recording the audio, I use a photo for the artwork. Then I export it to Camera Roll on my phone. Then I go to YouTube and upload from there. It took a little for more
to get used to, but it's well worth