how to make voiceover announce links quickly

hi guys, I have been using my mac for some time.
While browsing on the web with safari and other browsers using voiceover, I notice that voiceover announces the text in a link after saying link, and after a little delay it says the text. For example, it says link and a little delay and then it says sign in. Compared to this, on windows i use NVDA and it reports the text in a link immediately with no delay. It would be nice and time-saving if voiceover can announce the links without delays. Is there any shortcut or workaround to this problem? Any answers/help will be appreciated. Thanks
OSX el capitan 10.11.6


Maybe a sound?

What I do is have VO set to play a tone instead of say link. Alternatively, you can modify VO's verbosity settings so that it says the word "link" after rather than before the link in question which also helps a lot.

thanks for your answer. How

thanks for your answer. How can i set voiceover to play a sound rathar than announce link. Secondly i tried to set verbosity settings to low, but then it does not tell me if the link is a heading or i visited it.

Sounds instead of links

Open the VoiceOver utility and go to the verbosity category. From there, select the text tab. You'll want to find the setting what says "When encountering a link/attachment:" and change it to play tone. Hope this helps.