How to Download YouTube Videos to iPhone

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To download videos from Youtube to your phone, you can use the following sites: YouDownloader, Tubemate, Convert2mp3,, savefrom, qdownloader, and more... Today I will guide you to download videos from youtube to iPhone device using the website. How to download YouTube videos to your iPhone using the website Step 1: Visit the copy the video url you want to download. Step 2: Visit paste the url of the video you want to download into the search box. Step 3: Choose the video format and video quality you want and press [DOWNLOAD] Wish you success with the above tips!


#1 Download youtube videos

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Hi arron,

I am not sure about youtube downloaders,

There are some apps available in the appstore but most are not accessible,

I however, use another method to download youtube videos,

You can accomplish this using 2 methos,

1 you will need a network based file storage like dropbox
2 and a website called,

Firstly, find the video you want to download in the youtube app and copy the link

Then paste the link in the link above,

Next follow the instructions which is self explanatory,

Once the video has been downloaded and converted to the required format,

You can save the video to dropbox and enjoy it whenever you like,

Hope that helps

#3 Use this app

Use this free app
To use it, open the YouTube app and find the fideo that you want to download. Press the share button and flick to the copy link button. Open Black Hole and press the button in the middle of the screen to paste the link and it starts downloading the movie to your camera roll. Hope this helps.


#4 Confirmation: convert2mp3 is great - thanks so much!

I just wanted to say thank you to the person who suggested convert2mp3!

Since the website I used to use got taken down months ago, I've been looking for something similar to download 'the sound' from videos.
And today I'm finding this convert2mp3 here – purely by accident, I wasn't even looking.

I can confirm that this website works great – at least with Windows. Well worth giving it a try.
Thanks so much for telling us about it.
Ideal :) !

And one question: Instead of DropBox, could you copy the downloaded mp3 files to third-party apps (such as an app that works with a USB flash drive or SD card reader)? Theoretically, if you had such a device that connects to your iPhone, could you use your phone to download the files and then copy them to the 'other' device? Has anyone tried something like that – practically :) ?

Thanks so much...

#5 I use convert2mp3 as well but

I use convert2mp3 as well but find the popup ads very annoying. I also don't like Dropbox much so i put the videos in Dropbox and move them over to an app called MyMedia. It has a music player which is easy to use. But I was wondering, are the apps that were suggested here better than convert2mp3? Do they have popup ads?

#6 Cyrus installer

This is a good configuration system to use. YouTube ++ is a free youtube app for iPhone, where you can download youtube videos to the ++ app.

#7 Thanks. With the app is there

Thanks. With the app is there a way to put the videos in a different app? And does it have popups?

#8 Youtube++ not working

I used to use Youtube++ to download Youtube videos but seems like Apple just revoke its certificate today. I cannot install it again on my iPhone. It keeps showing the message that "Youtube++ could not be downloaded at this time". I tried convert2mp3 as well but it's just a website tool so I'll need the help of some third-party video downloader apps like these It's a bit complicated as I need to switch over between app and app, again and again. Is there any other methods to download videos from Youtube on iPhone?

#9 What I am actually interested in

What I am actually interested in is being able to save the MP3 files in my computer or my iPhone. Can this be done? I love collecting MP3 music and it gives me a sensation of owning the actual file. What happens if I go to a place where there is no Internet connection? I won’t be able to listen to my music. On the other hand, if I save my MP3 files in a flash drive, my computer or my iPhone, I would be able to listen to my music wherever I go.
Thank you, in advance, for your answers. Warm regards.

#11 YouTube++

Youtube++ is a modified version of the YouTube app, usually by getting a jailbreak app like Tweakbox or in another form. It's not highly recommended to use it, but it's out there for grabs.
A site I use often is FLVTO (
Since iOS can't download mp3s, but rather just starts playing them whenever opened, you'd have to use a Mac or PC to do this.