How do you stop VO from announcing 'visited' link?


This might be a simple one, or it may be impossible. Is there any way of stopping VO from announcing a visited link? I have links playing tones just to speed things up but when using face book messages on the mobile site it will always say visited on people I've spoken to recently, kinda annoying as I don't care if I have visited that link before.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Verbosity Setting

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You can disable the 'status' from being spoken, so when you vo-arrow over links, they won't be spoken as 'visited'. Vo-l, however, will still tell you this information. Or, you could simply move the status to the end, so it's spoken last. I do this so I can quickly move through links, and pause if I want to know if the link is visited or not.

To set this up, hit vo-f8 to get to the VO Utility. Go to the verbosity item, use vo-backslash on the 'additional verbosity options' disclosure triangle, and find 'link' in the table of controls (you don't need to interact with the table, just vo-right to it). Hit space, choose 'custom' from the menu, then find and uncheck 'status' in the resulting table. You can also use cmd-up or cmd-down on any of the table items to re-arrange them. For instance, I like to hear the status, then name, then type of checkboxes, so I can hear the name without having to hear "checkbox" first. Anyway, press enter to save this custom setting, then go ahead and try it out.

Thank you so much

That's great. I never realised you could do that. Moving the order is so much better. It's such a pain hearing redundant information before the applicable announcement.