How do you add an item to desktop on Mac

Hello all,
As the subject says, how in the world do I add an item to the desktop on my Mac? I am running the latest version of MacOS. I am wanting to add a folder from my Mamp folder to my desktop and I can't figure it out.

Greg Wocher


Desktop folder

One way is to just put stuff in the Desktop folder, which is in your home directory. Things in that folder appear on your desktop. You can use the Finder app, which is on the dock (the apps on the bottom of the screen).

Second that

Find the item you want to dump in there, and press command C to copy it to your clipboard.
Next, whilst still in finder, hit command shift and d, which will bring up your desktop.
Finally, press command V and you're there.

Just a note: You now have two copies of the item on your system, one in the original location and one on the desktop, so feel free to go ahead and delete the original now.