How do I manage my iPhone on macOS Catalina?

Hi i am running up-to-date OS and IOS, now there's no iTunes can someone please tell me how I can get to my iphone when it's on charge on my mac? Obviously iTunes used to open automaticly but now it charges but i can't do anything with the phone by using my mac. Hope that makes sense. Adrian.


You can manage music,

You can manage music, podcasts, Tv programs and movies in their respective apps; the rest, such as backup and restore, are managed in the Finder.

sorry my fault i don't seem

sorry my fault i don't seem to be able to find any thing related to my iPhone in the finder, I am fine with the music ETC. I am probably going through some kind of memory block.

You will either use the side

You will either use the side bar method which I hate or iMazing which I love. If you want to add music with out itunes and have it convert use waltr

Take care

arrogant apple

the one thing i hate the most about apple is how it often remove functionalities without adding any real valued to the users, and it doesn't care how it affects users, very arrogant. itunes 12.6.5 doesn't run on catalina, actually it won't even run on mojavi. i had to spend $44 for imazing, at least it's more valuable than something like an official apple charger. how much is that again, $29? something probably costs 4 bucks to make.