How do I copy text with iPhone VoiceOver & Arthritis?

Hello World! I received a useless message from Apple's Accessibility Team!
I can randomly select text with the pinch-out gesture, but that is it! There is no option to copy the text I randomly selected!
No matter what option I select for the Rotator, text selection will always be too fast, causing VoiceOver speech to stutter. I'm unable to control what text is selected!
At 49 years old, arthritis is in my hands & fingers. As a result, I'm unable to perform the proper gestures to select the text I want to copy, and I can not find any options menu, including the option to copy the selected text.
Apparently, Apple was ignoring older humans with arthritis in the fingers when they were building the VoiceOver function! In fact, in the Accessibility settings, there are no support for sticky gesture control for persons with arthritis! Even Siri is useless!
I don't know why an expensive iPhone is more troublesome than a cheap Android, when it comes to doing the simple copy & paste function with arthritis fingers!
Is VoiceStream BETTER than VoiceOver? I hate spending the money for something that won't benefit me!
How I wish to copy & paste with VoiceOver, but my arthritis prevents me from doing that simple task!
I gave up trying to find the copy function to avoid smashing my iPhone!


#1 text selection rotor

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An alternative to the pinch to select gesture is the text selection rotor. If text selection is not listed in your rotor, open Settings > General > Accessibility > Voiceover > rotor and select it there.

Once you find the text you want to select, turn the rotor to text selection and flick up and down with one finger to specify what level of text you want to select, such as character, word, line, etc. Then flick left and right with one finger to select the text.

Once text is selected, you should be able to copy it from the edit rotor.

If you prefer an audio demonstration, there is a podcast covering how to do this.


#2 Reading Replies

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Less than three days ago, you already did bring up your problems selecting and copying text.
Back then, you did get a few replies with suggestions on what you could try.
Have you tried any of these? You can find them just after your own text at:
I do hope you‘re reading this. I have asked you some questions on some of your other posts on this site, and you never answered to anything, which makes me wonder if you‘re reading replies to your posts at all.
Good luck on your journey!

#3 bluetooth

Have you tried using a bluetooth keyboard?
That may be more helpful. And you cay find 1 that you can use with arthritis. Maybe they have a comand you can set up so you can use the rotor.

#4 IOS13

IOS 13 is supposed to help you with voice control. You could wait for that either.