how accessible is instagram

Hi guys! I have a few questions about Instagram.

My sister posts pics of my nieces on Instagram, and I'd like to see them. So I was wondering how accessible is Instagram now? I had the app on my ipad some time ago, and I didn't like the inaccessibility of it, so I deleted it. But I've been thinking about trying it again. So, my questions are:
1. How accessible is the Instagram app? How it changed for the better, or worse?
2. If the app is not accessible, is the web site accessible? Is it more accessible than the app?
3. If none of these work, is there a way to still see stuff on Instagram? For example, like a 3rd party client such as what's possible with Twitter?

Any help and feedback is appreciated!Thank you guys so much in advance!


#1 The app seems Voiceover friendly to me

I use the app on an iPad. It seems to work well with Voiceover.

#2 Gets annoying at points

Sometimes when I try to scroll to the top, it will take me to a completely different people of Instagram.
I loved the older versions where there were tabs at the bottom of the screen to switch between feed, activity, etc.
I believe there still are, but you have to go through your whole feed just to find them.

#3 The tabs are still there on my iPad

On an iPad I have the tabs you speak of along the bottom. They remain there as I scroll down and up through my main feed.

#4 Hey there folks!

Hey there folks!
I'm blind of birth and use Instagram, but only partially. I find it too difficult to understand what's on my feed and besides, there is no AI that can describe pictures, or at least if there is one, its' not legal in Europe. I post pics though and that works rather well.... A good way around issues, is to ask your instagram contacts to link their Instagram account to their Facebook one, so that all the pics posted on Insta can be found on FB. All in all, I think Insta would work well for partially-sighted users.... As for blind users, well, use it to post pics if you are into that.

#5 App works well with voiceover

It doesn't describe pictures (through alt-text or something) so you have to rely on captions, but as far as the app itself goes, I've had no problems with it.