Highly recommend Freeq by Psychic Bunny

Wow, i found another one. It's called Freeq, (note the speeling,) by Psychic Bunny. This is a $2 app, and how I wish it were May already!


Update: It will be soon!

App Developer

Hi Meaghan,

Psychic Bunny here. We're sorry that you had a bad experience with FREEQ at launch. The truth is, we didn't even know accessibility was possible on iOS. We've heard from a lot of players like you, and we want to make it right. We're working on an accessibility update now, which should launch in early October, provided the Apple Submissions gods smile upon us. As someone who already bought the game, you'll get the update for free. Please do check it out, and let us know what you think. Here's a little trailer we cooked up, to hopefully spark your interest: https://soundcloud.com/psychic-bunny/freeq-audio-only-announcement

Thanks, and happy FREEQing!

Psychic Bunny

Further update: It's live!

App Developer

Just a quick update, the game is now live, with accessibility features in place. Happy FREEQing!

Can anyone

Can anyone post the appstore link here?

Nope, because it's gone. Yet

Nope, because it's gone. Yet another great game no longer available. I hate Apple's stinginess sometimes. It's not enough that devs have to pay $99 to get their apps submitted, but they have to pay every year. That's fine for the big companies but royally screws the little guy, but hey, what else is new!

Oh, and furthermore, why the

Oh, and furthermore, why the heck can't those of us who purchased it still have access? This bugs me too.

Big Bad Apple...

It's worth considering that there are any number of possible reasons Freeq might not be available in the App Store. I know blaming big bad Apple makes for a great sob story, but...let's face it...$99 per year isn't that much for a business expenditure, and it's probably a lot more likely that they just weren't making any money on the game. From what I've read, it's ridiculously hard to actually make a profit building apps...but $99 per year for access to the Apple Developer Program shouldn't mean the difference between making a profit and going under.

Well it's certainly not

Well it's certainly not something a lot of people can afford. That's why I don't even bother learning the programming language. Like I said though, my big beef is that HEY, I bought the app, I should be able to access it. I have about $25 in apps that I can't even access any more and I'm getting sick of it.

iTunes Backup?


Have you tried backing apps up to your computer and putting them on your device that way? I know that wouldn't help with apps that aren't already backed up, but perhaps it might be useful for the future? Just thinking out loud here.

Has anyone actually tried

Has anyone actually tried contacting the developers to ask why the app is no longer available? or if they plan to bring it back?


No but you can do it.

Just found it

I literally just looked and I found the app in the store.


Thanks! Thanks!!! I'm sooooooo glad that the game is back!!! Just baught it! Hope it's great.
Thanks all who has said that the game is back!!! That knocks my socs off!!!

Cool game

Cool game! I like the concept of it and the audio is well done.
But I wonder if this game has an actual end. Can anyone tell me if this game has an end?

Yes, it has many ends. I'm

Yes, it has many ends. I'm glad it's back. Next to Aurifi, it's the game I missed most. *runs to app store to get the game*

Yeah I

Yeah I miss Aurifi too because I've never played it before. Can anyone tell me what is the game about?

Orify was a rhythm game, and

Orify was a rhythm game, and a bit more. It os hard to describe. I remember that game, but ah well, good times must come to an end and parting is such sweet sorrow.

Take care.

just got this game

Hello to anyone that could help. I just got this game and not quite sure how to play. I turned the accessibility mode on and I was able to listen to amy and the pizza guy. my question is like what do I have to do to hook them up or mess with their lives? thanks for any help.

how do

how do you connect them?

You have to

You have to center both signals. Both the horizontal and the vertical signals. You'll know when you have it, you will hear both signals sounding at the same time.

Yeah but then what?

Yeah but then what. So it plays a recording please tell me there's more than just that for this game!

i meant

I made a mistake in my comment. I know how to connect them but how do I interfare with them or mess with them.

It is really hard to explain

It is really hard to explain but sometimes when you connect them you can connect him with more than one person and if you connect them with different people and different things happen as the game continues it gets more interesting but the beginning is kind of boring


ok. but I know when I tilt the phone and I hear the think I double tap and I hear the various people to connect to. when I do that. what's next? I'm new to this game so I'm sorry if I'm borring anyone out.

You choose a person, listen

You choose a person, listen to the conversation, and do it again I know it sounds a little boring but it gets really interesting


Not sure that this game is for me thanks for explaining it.


I will do it. hope the ending works well. I don't think someone put a link for it here. but if no one does I could put it in later or tomorrow.