help uploading to YouTube

I have a YouTube channel. How do I upload audios to it? I used to use Bossjock. Record the audio, take a picture, then save it to Camera Roll, then upload to YouTube that way. Bossjock has done away with that option. I am totally blind and partially deaf, so recording a video is out of the question. That's why Iaudios. I am running the latest version of IOS 12.1.4. I use VoiceOver and a Focus braille display. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



If someone could please tell me how to use Backpack to upload to my channel, that would be great. I tried, but don't see an option. Any help be greatly appreciated.

it's the same way

App Developer

you upload videos the same way you used too.

1 save the video to camera roll.

2 then upload the video to youtube using the youtube app;
that's it