Help, text tone constantly resetting to default tone

for a very very bazar reason my text tone all ways go back to the regular tone.even though I have it set to another one


Same Issue Here!

I have the exact same issue. No matter what purchased tone I chose for my text message, and even for emails, I would always hear a stock iOS tone instead of the purchased tone I had selected.

If I was within the app when I received the notification, then the purchase tone would play, but if I had the app closed or in the background, I'd hear the stock iOS tone instead.

After some time, I just gave up and changed my tones to stock iOS tones instead.

I've contacted Apple and even had an Accessibility rep on my office phone while my iPhone was nearby and demonstrated to them the issue, but they weren't able to reproduce it on their own phones. But at least the rep did hear for themselves my issue.

Sorry I am not giving out any better news, I am just happy to see that I am not the only one encountering this issue.

Maybe a Storage Issue?

How is your storage when this happens? Mine will do that on occasion when my storage is too full. I've come to that conclusion for my phone since it usually happens about the same time as the voice reverts back to Samantha. I go in and clean out some files and everything comes back.

RE: Maybe a Storage Issue?

I can't speak on behalf of the originator of the post, but as for me, I still have about 25 to 30 gigs left out of a 64 gig iPhone.