Help needed with foursquare check-ins

Hello, I wrote to Foursquare developers telling them the Twitter and Facebook switches not working with VoiceOver. They told me that it works just fine for them, and asked me if I have the last version installed. I have, but not the iOS one. Could you try activating or deactivating that switches from the check-in screen using iOS 7.1? I have 7.0.6 with JB, so I am not interested on updating.


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Hello Raul, Using the latest FourSuare on iOS 7.1. It does work but it is sort of different than one would expect. You will see the two option of the Facebook is OFF and Twitter is OFF. If one would to double tap either item. It will then be selected as if this is now turned ON. However, the label will still say Facebook is OFF and Twitter is OFF. The only way you know that it is truely turned ON or OFF is the fact if it is slected. It is turned ON. If it is not selected then it is OFF. Once one double tap the CheckIN at this point. Which ever is slected will then be submitted to that Social Network. I was able to Tweet to Twitter and post a Status on Facebook with no issue. HTH

I believe this has been the

I believe this has been the case for a while now. I remember 4sq changing something and the selected was to let ou know if the switch was on or off. Someone correct meif I"m wrong?



I wrote this explanation to the Foursquare dev team. Thank you very much for your answer, now I know how to work with it :)