Help needed with A Blind Legend

Hi there. I'm currently stuck at the guardroom scene and I can't get past without being spotted. Can anyone help please?


#1 If I remember that one

If I remember that one correctly, you run until louise tells you to be quiet and sneak around the guards. Wak slowly until she tells you otherwise then run.
I think I've got it right. HTH.

#2 Blind Legend

Hi Justin. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do run until I reach the guardroom, then I turn left and go slowly as Louise tells you to do. The problem comes when I hear the footsteps coming and Louise tells you to hurry up. I've tried running and walking slowly, but they catch up Sometimes, it's a bit confusing when she says this way and she's slightly over to your right. I've tried all sorts of different strategies from taking a couple of steps and asking her to just waiting for her to prompt me. It's driving me nuts. I sussed the cliff path and the ice lake, I even sussed the demon and that was no mean feat, but this level is proving really challenging.

#3 Blind Legend Level

I'm glad someone has posted this, because I've been stuck with the same problem, whenever I try to sneak past the guard room, as soon as I hear the foot steps, no matter how I try to run in the right direction they still end up killing me.
I'd really want to know how to get around this, because I've been trying for over a month and I haven't found a way to get past this level.

#4 Keep Louise To Your Right

When sneaking around in the ruardroom, keep Louwise to your right. When the guards start walking, just keep walking. As long as you keep her to your right, you'll be fine.

#5 And the trees?

I'm stuck with the trees, swiping fast right, left or up. I don't even understand what should I do or how to interpret the sounds and instructions correctly: When Louise shouts "Look out" does it mean that I should jump? So far it hasn't helped at all to jump at that point, it seems to be too late. Or should I somehow reason the directions By listening some sound effects??

Someone told always to go a couple of times right/left and then immediately up. That doesn't help either.

Somehow I really feel I have missed some important bit of information as the game has been so easy-to-understand so far. I mean it would be so much easier to survive if I could understand what should I _try_ to do! :)

#6 The trees

When Louise says left or right, just swipe in that direction. Look out means you are too slow and crashing. Only jump when she says jump or now.

#7 Level 22?

Is guard room level 22? I also have problem with that level.

Do I understand right that I shall go straight ahead and Louise shall be on my right side?

#8 Yes

Yes, just keep Louise on your right.

#9 So I shall not turn to follow

So I shall not turn to follow louise in guard room? Allways keep her on the right side?

#10 A Blind Legend Scene 25 the Guardroom

So yes, you run to the guardroom and take a left.
No matter what you do, walk slowly until you pass by two of the places with wind. When you pass by these you should be safe, so that when the footsteps come and she tells you to hurry, you will reach your destination.

#11 Yes

Yes, follo her, but keep her on your right.

#12 You don't have

You don't have to keep her to your right, because I beat that level without needing her on my right, she was directly in front of me.
Keeping her to the right is sometimes risky. Because if you rely on her being to the right, you will find yourself turning around and heading towards the footsteps. So don't rely on her being on the right all of the time, because it is a pretty risky situation, but it does work every once and a while.
But the chances of you beating the level when you always keep her to the right is only maybe about 50%. But if you keep her in front of you, it might be 100%.

#13 In That Case

OK, so if it's OK to keep her in the middle, what other tips have you got to completing this level? Because when I kept her in the middle, which was most of the times I did that level, I always seemed to be killed either way and I couldn't pull up my shield to protect myself. What would you suggest would be the best way to go about this level?

#14 Slightl

Just keep her slightly to your right and keep walking while keeping her slightly to your right. Once you hear the guards start walking, just kee walking.

#15 There we go!

There we go! You got it now, not all the way to the right but slightly, so that she is in front of you and to the right at the same time.

#16 Thanks

Cheers for that, sounds like a good plan, I shall give that a try soon.

#17 Can't get pass the gard room scene (scene 25)

I'm also playing this game. The sound is really great, and I'm enjoying the experience. Only problem - I can't get pass the gards! Can anyone help me?
Note: for a first-time audio gamer and a casual fan, I think getting to near the end is pretty cool already. But I would so love to hear the ending and experience the completion of the game!

#18 Go Slow

Just go slow and keep Louise slightly to your right.

#19 I did, until when she asks me to hurry up

After she calls "hurry up", I ran. But in the midst of all the footsteps, I can't tell which are the gards and which is not. And it is at that moment that I always lose lives.

#20 Don't

Don't run, just keep walking.

#21 Do not hesitate

YOU only have a certain amount of time before the guard comes. Make sure to keep moving, and do not hesitate. The more you do, the more time you waste which causes you to slow down and time to tick faster.
Once you hear the guy say, "Shut it, scum", it means the guard is about to come 5 seconds later and that you only have 5 seconds to get to the area where you must keep Louise slightly to you right, then walk fast until your destination has been reached.

#22 And whatever you do

And whatever you do, stay as far away from the guard room doors as possible.The first guards won't notice you, but if you have to deal with the others... I'm not even going to go there.

#23 A little complicated than I imagine

Thanks for the replies! May I try to sum it up?
Just keep moving and don't turn, right? I mean, after taking the left and we hear the gards play the game.
When the gards say "shut it, scum", start running, right? How do I keep Louise to my middle/right? Single tap?
Sorry if I've misunderstood what you said, but thanks for replying. I plan to be really clear about what I'm gonna do before attempting another try. Otherwise, I may end up losing all five lives...

#24 I need help as well

I am st*ck at the caroder scene' I keep getting killed by that thing because he attacks so fast' any advice

#25 what scene number is this?

I didn't get the scene number, maybe I could try to help you?

#26 i think its

I think its scene 11, the one of the master in the fishermen village.

#27 No

It is the same scene as the arrows'

#28 Use the shield

I see. Well, the only advice I could give you is, use the shield as the two creatures attack. Hear and pay attention to their patterns. Once you learn three or four times, you'll know when to hit them. They are not easy, especially the first creature after you are done with the arrows. Good luck!

#29 add: if you can do a cool thing

I can't aim to do a combo attack. But if you can do this, it would help you lots.

#30 to do a convo

To do a convo attack, you have to bash the enemy with your shield by pinching open right before he strikes, and if he strikes from the left, for instance, swipe as many times as you can in the enemies direction to hit him multiple times.

#31 the problem is

I can't seem to time the moment he strikes. Either I would pinch out when he's screaming, and I miss it, or I aim late, and, oooo, it hurts... I can't seem to get the hang of it what so ever......

#32 When someone screens heya

Try to ignore the hey and try to pinch out when you hear ya. Unfortunately that is the only advice i can give. When you're facing beasts, it's another story.

#33 try to

Sometimes, when you are blocking with the shield, you'll hear the weapons swishing through the air before it hits your shield, that is when you shield bash the enemy. hth

#34 Very difficult

Sounds not easy, especially for a first-time gamer like me. I'll try this some time down the road.
BTW, I tried keeping luis slightly to the right in scene 25, and finally beat the game. I heard the happy ending.

#35 combo attack very tricky

I wonder, how do you pinch out? I simply use my right hand to do all the fighting and defending, no left hand. Sometimes, when I simply take my fingers off the screen, I will never shield-bash the enemy. But if I expand my two fingers on the screen while releasing the shield will work sometimes. It's really tricky.
I wonder, how do you do a combo attack?

#36 pinching out

Ok, so when you block you pinch your fingers closed, the shield bash is different, insted of closing your firgers, you open them, and you swipe multiple times in the dirrection the attack came from after you have bashed the enemy. hth

#37 With two hands

Thanks for your message. I think I find it easier to do it with two hands, instead of one hand. I may have an easier time with my fingers.
Thanks for your reply! It has made playing this game faster and more fun!

#38 How to pass the guards

How I try I can't pass the guards in scene 25. Do I need to follow Louise? I wonder if i can follow and pass the winding sound instead to get secure for the guards?

#39 Keep Louise To Your right

Keep Louise slightly to your right, and keep following her, with her slightly to your right. Keep walking, even when she says "Hurry up."

#40 Guardroom scene.

I've only completed it once, but I think the best advice is to move as Louise is running ahead of you, I think I was going to slowly and cautiously when I did it, so I got the hurry up from her, then I just legged it and luckily finished before being caught. It is tricky.

#41 I've done it thrice

Thanks to the Applevis forum, I've done the scene three times in success. I keep Luis slightly to my right (not completely right, but enough for me to hear her in the middle-to-right range). If she says "this way", you may need to use a little turning. Just want her to say "straight ahead" when she is slightly to your right, then you are safe. I could hear some wind on my left.
Keep walking first, never pause or hesitate. Turn if you need to.
When you hear the gards say "shut it, scum", it means the gard is about to come and kill you in five seconds. When they start to make their steps, then, run at full speed. Follow Luis, slightly to your right. If you've done so first, I think you may not need to turn at all.
Hope it helps!

#42 The king

I kinda think the king is really easy in my opinion, maybe they should make the king much harder to fight and take much longer to defeat.
Bout the bashing and blocking, I'm really good with timing on that part, I can send a recording to you guys of me demonstrating me bashing some enemies if you just contact me.

#43 Turning

The problem when turning i have to stop Walking and loose time.

#44 Generally, turn as she runs

To practice, try to turn as she runs in other scenes. As for the gards, try to just do a left or right flick, instead of not releasing your finger on the screen, and walk as soon as you finish turning. Usually you only need to turn slightly.

#45 I'd love to hear how you combo

Hi! How do I contact you?

#46 Turn

So I shall not release the finger when I turn? I shall turn when I walk?