help making playlists

I have all my music sorted in different folders on my hard drive. I want each folder of music to be in it's own playlist and I want the playlists to have the names that the folders have. However, once I put the songs in iTunes, they are all in one big list and there is no way to tell what folder they came from. So is there a way to sort them into playlists before I add them to iTunes? Thank you.


Sort By Date Added

I think if you are starting with an empty iTunes library, this might work. Set your view to sort by Date Added Import one folder of songs. Create a playlist, and add them to it. Import another folder. With the sort by Date Added, they will be in a contiguous, selectable block at the top of your library listing. Create the next playlist and add them to it. Repeat until all folders are imported and added to their own playlist.

a few problems with that

First, I do not know how to make it sort by date. How do you do that? Second, I can not select just some songs to put in the playlist. Ctrl down errow, shift down errow and just going through the songs and pressing the space bar on each song I want to select all do not work. The only thing that works for me is ctrl a to select all the songs.

windows xp

I know computer commands and keystrokes can be different depending on which os you are using. I forgot to say I use windows xp.


When I go to the songs radio button then there is a combo box that say sort by but it doesn't give sort by date.

A couple ideas to try

You need to have Date Added as part of your current view. Do this with the View Options under the Edit menu. Once you have the Date Added field checked, you can then find it in the Sort By combo box. You may also find a Recently Added smart playlist. It's there by default when you install iTunes. If you haven't removed it that is. It's sorted by Date Added already. Selecting your first batch of songs is easy since it's all that is in the library. When you add the next batch, arrow down to the last new item and then press Shift Home to select from there to the top of the list. You can then add that second batch to your second playlist. Repeat as necessary.