help with haypi monsters

Hello there. I t'ried to register for haypi monster and was told that I couldn' register anything on the device. I emailed them and they said I had to make a new account. Would anyone here be able to help me? I would like the name to be bree and the password songflower. Thanks for anny assistance or help. I don't have other device.



oh and my email is sabrina059 if it's needed.


it's sabrina059 at gmail'com.

I will

I will create the account for you, but do note that haypi monster has a lot of accessibility issues. Also once your account is created you may want to change the password of your account for security reasons. Since you said you wanted your password to be songflower people will try to get into it.


That is awesome. Thank you.

this is strange

It says user doesn't exist. I wrote in the username bree and the password but it says user does not exist.

I'm working on it

I'm working on it. Haypi Monster is pretty hard to navigate, lot of unlabeled buttons but, meh, you can figure it out. LOL


I still want to give it a go. My sister plays it and she is blind so when the account is created I will learn from her. Swiping isn't the answer.

Use my inviter code

Use my inviter code 53N0S and i will give you an epic monster. I could maybe give you spookie.


So I use to play a few years ago but i never really understood it because i was little and had no patience, lol. but is this app worth trying? Do you get to feed and care for the monsters, or just train them? How inaccessible is the game?

Oh this is

Hey Paige,
This is not a caring game, its a fighting game, like Pokemon. It uses elements, fire, water, plant, electric, physical, psychic and ghost. It is not something where you care for monsters, you level them up and train them and battle other players and do story mode.
The app is getting more and more accessible as more updates come but I'm afraid there are still a lot of unlabeled buttons, perhaps we should think about contacting the developers.
As they say, the more blind or low vision users that send e-mails to the developers, the better chance they might proceed to doing it.

One more element

Other than fire, water, plant, electric, physical, psychic and ghost, it also uses rock.


Hi. I got through the first scene, and I forgot the button to seal Bud, so I couldn't synthesize because I didn't catch the monster. I can not press any buttons now, so I'm completely stuck. Any help would be greatly apreciated.


If I have an iPad connected to the same Game center account, could I create a new account on the iPad?


I tried it on my other device, but I still was not able to seal Bud. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but it just leaves me at a screen with blank controls.