Help getting started with my first Apple TV

Hi! I decided to get an Apple TV on impulse and love it but I am not sure I know what I am doing on it, I managed to set it up and then now I am trying to update it. Does anyone have any tips? I have an Apple TV 4k.


About updating Apple TV 4K

Go to settings greater than system greater then software update and then click on the Vergen which is announced it will automatically check updates and present you with options . Here I am assuming you know how to operate Apple TV remote and you know all about it. If you don’t and you find it something difficult please let is know in the comments below. Thank you.


I know the remote well by now. The only thing I cannot get the hang of is the volume buttons. I cannot seem to change the volume. I like it so far and it is really great.

works great

Works great. Watching movies and listening to music and pod books like crazy. Still not sure why the volume buttons don't work. The ones my staff says is plus and minus wich I assume is the volume buttons.


"Still not sure why the volume buttons don't work."

you probably need to enable hdmi control on your tv, that is the display thing, not your apple tv. hdmi control is generally not enabled by default.

Volume Buttons

Hi there,

The above commenter is correct; if this still doesn't work, your tv may not be able to control the volume via any other sources but the remote. It sounds weird, but I have a TV in my home that won't work at all with the volume buttons.

Also, a suggestion: make sure you know where follow focus is on the roder. It will make navigating grid menus much easier!