Help with facebook chat on iPhone?

Hi, Does anyone know of any Facebook chat apps accessible with VO iPhone 5? I used to use IM+ but that has really gone down hill now. It's not the accessibility it's the app itself, it just either doesn't connect or just shows all my friends offline when I know they are not. I checked the app store reviews and most other people are having the same problem. Any help on what I could use instead for Facebook chat would be appreciated. Thanks. Callum.


Chatting with Facebook

I did try the Facebook messenger app but the only problem is it doesn't seem to tell you when your contacts are on or offline. It tells you when they are active but apparently that's not the same. Mind you it was a while since I tried it. I'll have another look at it.

facebook messenger

Try facebook messenger it is a great app for facebook chatt. It is also very accessible.

Facebook messenger

Does Facebook messenger now tell you when your friends are online? Last time I tried it that part wasn't accessible.

facebook messenger

It does tell you if your friends are on-line. Active and on-line are technically the same thing. If your friends have their chat set to invisible, then they may be on-line, but facebook won't tell you that they are. If it shows that they're active, it means that they have their chat turned on, and have recently used facebook in some way. The regular facebook site uses the same information. So, it's possible someone may be sitting on-line, but they won't show up as such, because they simply have facebook open but haven't been active. You'll run into this issue on the website as well.

Think of FB Messenger as Texting

I was also curious about alternatives for Facebook chat. When I found the Facebook messenger and read the product description, it said that message could be sent right to your and your friends' phones. If this is true, it means the Facebook messenger is trying to replace the traditional text message, similar to the purpose of iMessage. Having said that, the online/offline status of a contact is irrelevant, as they will get the message when they sign in to Facebook, just like they would get your text the next time they turn on their phone. In any case, it's accessible, and it's free.

Thanks for the help

Thanks for the help everyone. I've got Facebook Messenger now and it's accessible. The last time I tried it was on 1 of the versions a while ago and it wasn't accessible enough for me anyway. It has made a massive improvement accessibility whys, and hopefully if it keeps up this is what I'll be sticking with. Thanks for the help and suggestions.

facebook messenger

Yes try facebook messenger it is very accessible and it is a very excellent app for facebook chatt.