Help, BitTorrent Live Apple TV app not providing any VoiceOver feedback

Especially as Bittorrent Live will begin a streaming News channel next week, I would `love to enjoy on an Apple Gen 4, however, when I enter this app, I hear nothing. I looked around on as well as other similar sites, but so-far I cannot get to any1 who collects feedback. Thanks so much in advance


BitTorrent Live is not accessible at all.

I, too, am interested in the new BitTorrent News channel. I have a small amount of vision, and managed to struggle through the activation prompt by pointing my iPhone at my TV screen, and using an OCR app to read that message. I was hoping that the inaccessibility was just with the activation screen, but I was wrong. The entire app is inaccessible for those of us who rely on VoiceOver. It's possible to press on the touch surface on the Siri remote, and swipe down to get into the grid of icons representing the different channels, but VoiceOver says nothing.