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Hello, I just found AppleVis; what an excellent resource! Although I've been in games and game sound for 25 years, I'm a new developer of iOS apps focused on "audio-games"-- videogames where audio is the main gameplay element. I'm happy to see such a great community here. I especially enjoyed the article for app developers on VoiceOver and accessibility in general. In doing our game, I learned about VoiceOver. I had no idea that iOS had such good accessibility integration. It took me only a few minutes to add preliminary accessibilty to our game. But after seeing a) how easy it was and b) the things that were possible, I ended up completely re-thinking some portions of the game and how a visually impaired player would navigate and play the game. Brian Schmidt Founder, EarGames Executive Director, GameSoundCon


#1 Hi Brian,

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Glad to hear that you are so enthusiastic about writing games that blind people will be able to access via their iOS devices. I look forward to playing one of your games. David

#2 Good for you Brian

Hello Brian. I too am glad you not only discovered voice over but are willing to go so far with it. If you need beta testers I'm sure one or five hundred will be chomping at the bit for an invite code. :) seriously hope something comes out soon so you can get our feet wet.

#3 Hello

Hello welcome to applevis and we are glad that you are wanting to make games accessible for the visually impaired. I will be happy to be a beta tester for the games you developer.

#4 Just getting started with app devolupment

App Developer

Hi I want to make a spread sheet app I am clueless of I have to do I don't know what programs are used

#5 hello there

Hello there Brian I am glad that you reached out to the applevis community. I am looking forward to being one of the beta testers of you're app.