Hearing aids and bluetooth speaker

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Hello friends,
I use the Resound hearing aids which pair with my iPhone. Enter bluetooth speaker (Amazon Echo for the moment) and I have issues. The iPhone pairs fine with the Echo and VO get routed to it. I change the Audio destination to the Default and it gets routed to the iPhone's speakers and not my hearing aids. To my chagrin, I cannot route it back to the Echo. It looks like the 'Audio destination' rotor item is still faulty or I am missing something in settings somewhere.
Please help me figure out what I am doing wrong. I have the 6s with iOS 10.3.2


speaker volume

Sorry I don't know these products, but perhaps you can help me.
Can the speaker put out a lot of volume? I am very h o h.
I find a small, loud speaker seems clearer than headphones, so thats what I am looking for.
Have you found any bluetooth speakers with really high volume output?


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Hello Brian,
I understand our hearing issue. Speakers can get really loud at the cost of fidelity. But I know that there are speakers from Bose, JBL, harmonkardon, etc. that do a decent job. One downside though, they tend to be on the expensive side. You can find reviews of some Bose and JBL speakers on this site.
I hope this helps.

Hearing aids and audio ducking

While I don't connect by BT to my hearing aids, I have a similar problem with my bone-conducting headphones. All I can do is turn off BT, on the phone, and turn off the headphones and reconnect them. I also have learned to not touch that setting! Glad it works for you in some cases though.

Speaker volume

I, too, am HOH. I use a Jam Plus wireless BT speaker. I'm sure it isn't high fidelity, but with my hearing loss it works beautifully while costing under $50.

bluetooth speakers

I use a Bose Bluetooth speaker with my iPhone. I also wear hearing aids. If I want to switch from my speaker back to my hearing aids, I have to power off or disconnect from the speaker. It's either or. The default roter option is default which is iPhone and not the hearing aids. This is normal. Hope this helps!

Hearing aid and BT woes

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Hello Wayne,
I was disconnecting when I wanted to get out of the speaker but then I thought I was not doing the right way. Thanks for clarifying. Also, what does the 'External speaker' in the rotor setting under audio destination do? Also, do we have control over routing Voiceover and content to different sources?
Out of curiosity what is the quickest way to get back to hearing aids from the iPhone's speaker? I have been turning BT off and on.