Having trouble removing an app

Hi all. I somehow got this app, analyze me, on my Mac. I can't remove it. I can't delete it, Clean my Mac can't uninstall it, even after I unchecked the Safari extension it was there. I want this to go away. I tried to use the activity monitor. I thought "Stopping" the process might help. Of course the "ap" does not have any windows. I'd like some help navigating the terminal if i need to go that route. I'm not afraid but I don't want to mess anything up. Thanks anyone who can help.


#1 Try hitting command option c

Try hitting command option c to copy the app name as path then in terminal enter sudo rm -r and paste in the path to the app. Hit enter, then enter your pw. Enter the command slowly though and paste in the path name and make sure it is correct. As you will get no prompt.

#2 Would you help me?

I understand everything except where to copy the path name. Maybe we can facetime audio or something? I also want to make sure i'm doing it right. I would very much appreciate it. Thank you for the help, I thought yet again, I was gonna be largely ignored.

#3 1. Go to the app directory

1. Go to the app directory with command shift a from the finder.
2. Go to the app and hit command option c.
3. Launch terminal
4. Type sudo rm -rf and paste in the path you just copied.
5. Enter your pw.
6. Hit enter.