Has the AppleVis website changed?

One thing I’ve noticed when navigating this website with voice-over is that now, each comment is numbered and each number is a separate heading.
What this means is that I have to navigate down twice as far to find the information I need.
What has happened to the website, and can it be changed back?


Yes, and here's how and why ...

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When viewing replies to a post, each reply now has a number place in front of the comment title. SO, they show in the form of “#4 Here are my thoughts”.

The rationale for this change was that it makes it easier to keep track of your location in the list of replies when moving through them; and when replying to a specific comment allows you to clearly indicate which one. For example, you might say “in reply to what was said in #4”. In the absence of threaded comments, this makes it easier to follow the flow of discussion.

This change was discussed on the forum last week when it was first introduced. Much like you, the thread starter wasn't keen on the change. However, nearly all of those who responded were in favor. Unfortunately, the OP decided to delete that post, so I cannot direct you to the discussion.

As was said by us at the time, it's something that can be reverted if desired by users of the site.

Speaking personally, it's been something that I have seen and enjoyed on other sites (for the reasons mentioned above). I guess that opinions may vary depending upon your screen reader and preferred navigation method. In my case I typically use QuickNav to move through the list of replies, and having the number precede the title of a reply adds no overhead. So, for me it's a complete win.

However, as was stated in the previous discussion, we would certainly welcome the feedback of the community to determine whether this change is a keeper or not.

I like this change

HI! I think adding numbers to the titles of comments on the AppleVis website is a good move: several times, when commenting on a thread which is already long, I have nearly put my reply on the first page instead of the last where it should be, and seeing those comment numbers will remind me to go to the last page to comment there. I often jump through comments by headings, but hearing a number before each title isn't a problem for me at all; I'll be happy to see this comment numbering continue.


David, when you're browsing the site using Safari on iOS, because the number of the comment is in a tag and the subject (or title) isn't, VoiceOver puts them into separate navigational elements, thus creating an additional flick if yu're using the rotor set to headings. Would it be possible to still have the comment numbers, but not inside another tag?

Claire, you don't necessarily need to be on the last page of a thread to reply to the last post in the thread.

In reply to TJT 2001

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TJT 2001 thank you for the feedback.

This is actually something that I have been investigating and trying to resolve.

Unfortunately, a solution is proving a little elusive for now due to the way that these elements are generated. I will, however, keep digging away at it.

Great Change

I too, like this change and thank the editorial team for implementing it. I've seen this on other websites and it really helps out. The platform where my journal is hosted, for instance, does this. They have it so that users can toggle numbered comments on/off, and I believe the feature only works when one is logged into their account. Dreamwidth takes this a step further though, and includes outline-style numbering for replies to replies. So for example if I was reply #1 and somebody replied to my comment, then that person would be 1a, the next might be 1a1 and so forth. Hope this puts things in perspective enough. Anybody who wishes to see firsthand what I'm talking about here, feel free to go to my site and start commenting on entries. My journal needs a little more love anyway, lol! There is a link to it in my profile for AV.

Actually I have a suggestion

I have a suggestion for the numbering system. Can't they moved on the heading of the comment just like how audiogames.net does it?

I like this change too.

I can quickly navigate through the headings when I use the VoiceOver rotor on my iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Mixed feelings

I have mixed feelings about this change. If I use my computer to view the pages, the numbers are fine because they are read with the subject when I move by heading. However when I use voiceover and safari on my iPhone they are treated as seperat elements. This makes it so there are extra flicks in order to reach the subjects.