has any one tried dabble

has any one tried dabble for iOS?


If you haven’t tried said

If you haven’t tried said application lately, it definitely has improved in the blind-friendly department. BTW, if it hasn’t been don yet, the AppleVis entry for “Ear.ly” needs to be updated with its new “Dabel” name. The app’s site can now be found at:


, with login options (besides facebook) in the works.

FYI: For those who’d like to follow me on Dabel, simply search for the user “queenslight,” just like my username on here.

PS. As of one of the latest updates, you can now comment in ”past streams.”


I just joined and it is pretty cool! I am imaginingstuff and am excited and nervous about doing a bit of streaming and maybe even doing some psychic readings.
Life is mysterious

Is this like Vorail?

Subject says it all. While I couldn't care less about the drama on Vorail, I do miss some aspects of that platform. Is this somewhat similar? It seems likt it's a bit more real-time.

You are correct, it is in

You are correct, it is in real time. In addition to that, multiple people can be invited to join a stream, if the host desires a co-host and/or guests.

This app is awesome

this app is awesome. I've joined it and it's very accessible. You can even listen to streams via the web, in edition to listening via the app.

I love it. I have ben using

I love it. I have ben using it now for about a month and it's grate. Feel free to search for me there. I have done some work outs and participated on some streams.

So far so good, but can’t find how to add a user?

Started testing it out earlier today, but I can’t seem to find how to add/search for a user? I go to the Search button on the Home tab; double-tap it, and I’m in the Edit field. I write the username, but here comes the problem: no matter which of the filters I select, it says none! Any ideas what I might be missing?eewwwwwwwwt