Using bluetooth devices that don't support siri... With siri

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Hi everyone...

After reading another thread on here, I convinced myself that a bluetooth speaker was utterly necessary and without it, my life would be a mere shadow of existence... You know the feeling, I'm sure.

So, I went for the Riva S, a new kid on the block when it comes to speakers, I got mine for £150 and, I'm utterly blown away by it. The sound is bizarrely huge for such a little guy and kicks out some real bass, not fake Bose DSP base, but real, chest thumping base. Very clean tones, slightly warm... It also lasts for 13 hours, obviously not at full volume, has the means to hook up a turn table and you can charge your phone off it... Oh, and it's splash proof. All in all, amazing, check it out.

The thing is, it doesn't support Siri, which would be fine, I don't particularly like screaming across a crowded room "PLAY BARBY GIRL!" and much rather have Siri in my hand on my phone. This is possible yet problematic. When you invoke Siri with a bluetooth device connected, it gives you the option deep down in the right hand corner for audio route, from here you can switch Siri back to your iPhone... The trouble is, as there is no audio feedback from the speaker when you call up Siri, there is no easy way for us blind folk to switch it back to the iPhone... Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've tried doing it by guess work, flicking all the way to the right, I think, double bang and then flick left to what I hope is iPhone and double tap, no joy...