Seeking recommendations for a good and accessible wireless printer/scanner

Hardware & Accessories

It’s time to finally retire my trusty old Canon printer, so I was hoping for some recommendations.

Naturally, one of my main concerns is ensuring that any software necessary to setup, manage and use the printer on my Mac will play nicely with VoiceOver. So, does anybody know if Epson and HP printers are as good in this regard as my Canon has been (and hopefully newer Canon printers would be)? If so, this should enable me to simply choose the printer/scanner which best suits my requirements without having to factor in accessibility.

As for specific model recommendations, I am looking for a good quality wireless printer/scanner for light home use. We’re not likely to print many photos, but it would be preferable if the printer is at the least fairly competent in this area.

It would be nice if I could use the scanner over wireless, as my current Canon needs to be connected via USB to use it as a scanner.

AirPrint isn’t necessary, but might be something nice to have if there is no significant price premium to pay for having it.

Fast and accurate OCR scanning for use with Prizmo is essential.

Also important is the availability of cheap 3rd party ink cartridges.

Budget is probably no more than US$250.

I think that’s about it for my wishlist … any recommendations to help me meet it will be much appreciated (smiles)



Submitted by Mohammad Aldalain on Friday, February 12, 2016

I have the Epson XP322. It is a scanner with printer. You can do your scans and printouts wirelessly, it is fully compatible with Android and iOS. You can print out photos too. Last time I got cartridges for £8 from Amazon. It has a tiny screen with tactile buttons. You'll not need the screen as all options can be initialised from the computer application. It is compatible with Windows and Mac, I installed it my self so I confirm that the installation was smooth and fully accessible. One thing I like about it is that it is so quiet, scans are done so quietly and quickly. I got it as a bundle with Epson 400-sheet reem for £50. I think in the US it is XP323 (XP stands for expression, so you may try to find the equivalent in the US Amazon).