Question about 1st generation Airpods, not the new Pros, beware.

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I admit, as of lately, I'm definitely by far using Android more than Apple, it's a long story. See my other most recent forum topic up here, if you're curious. Anyway, I do however have a rellavent question to the Apple ecosystem.

I have a set of Apple 1st generation Airpods. I know these things connect over bluetooth. That goes without saying. I also however know that Apple did this a bit differently, in that, the airpods are tied to your apple ID. So, in theory, I am told that I should be able to put them in my ears, then grab any of my Apple devices signed into my ID, like my phone, my iPad, etc, and as soon as I start doing anything which produces audio, even something as simple as using Voiceover, and the airpods will detect this, and connect to that device, and start working. I have them working fine with my iPhone 10S, but if no audio is being produce from the 10S, not even Voiceover, and I reach over and grab my iPad mini 5th gen, then unlock the screen, and start trying to do something over there, I don't hear anything out the airpods. It still comes through my iPad internal speaker. Same goes if I stop doing things on my phone, then start trying to do something from my apple watch 4th gen.

Did I miss something here? I thought these things were supposed to be more seemless than this as far as cross-devices signed into your ID.



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I don't think that is how it is supposed to work. You still have to pair them with bluetooth. I hear they actually might work better on you android device. I know someone who has a pair and they  can only pair with 1 device.