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I just want to know if there are other users of the smart battery with an iPhone XS that have the same problem as me and the poster of this topic:

"Hey all, I've been having a consistent issue with my Smart Battery Case and my iPhone XS. Here's the skinny: I purchased a Smart Battery Case for my XS when it came out because I needed the extra power and I enjoyed using it when I had my iPhone 7. Anyways -- the case would intermittently disconnect and stop charging my iPhone. When this happens, anything connected to the Lightning port of the case doesn't seem to connect to my iPhone (i.e. charging, 3.5mm adapter). In order for my iPhone to recognize that it is still connected, I'd have to tap my iPhone against a hard surface (on the case side), tap the bottom of the case, or remove and re-insert my iPhone. It would intermittently disconnect while in my pocket and I can feel the vibration when it reconnects, when I'm holding my iPhone, squeezing the sides assertively or when I set my iPhone down on a hard surface (typically would disconnect then immediately reconnect).
I've tried hard-resetting my iPhone, removing lint out of my iPhone's Lightning port, cleaning the connector using a microfiber cloth on the case. I've had the case replaced twice and my iPhone replaced once already. I'm on the latest stable software (not on a Beta), my iPhone in the case would either sit on the passenger seat of my car, on my desk at work or in my front pocket while I'm on the go. Also, sometimes with the Battery widget on the iPhone, instead of saying "Smart Battery Case," it'll say "A2070" with the Smart Battery Case icon next to it. Image added for context. I'll also intermittently get a notification saying that I need to unlock my iPhone to use the accessory.
Do I keep replacing these things or is there something else I can try to do?



Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Saturday, August 1, 2020

If the case is the apple case, I think apple was having issues with them and people could exchange it. That was last year close to October.

Submitted by Bruce Harrell on Sunday, August 2, 2020

Hi. I have 3 non-Apple smart battery cases for my 10s. They all work as advertised. I turn them on when the phone battery charge drops below 80%, although usually I wait until it's below 60% or lower. The case then starts charging the phone and, as advertised, stops charging when the charge reaches 80%. Btw, the 80% level is what battery experts believe to be the ideal charge level for longest battery life.
I hope your problem gets resolved soon.

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