Orbit and other Bluetooth Trackers, does anyone have accessibility info

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I noticed that LS&S group is now selling the Orbit Bluetooth trackers. These are small and designed to help you locate a lost item. They have trackers that attach to a keychain, some which stick on to surfaces, and one which is a complete leather wallet. The website for the manufacturer is here:
but there are also competitors.

The tracker is paired with your phone. A free app lets you control the phone from the tracker, or find the tracker with the phone, including having the tracker ring. You can for example have the keychain tracker locate your phone or have it take a selfie. You can charge your phone with the wallet, or have the phone "ring" the wallet so you can locate it when it slides under the couch.
My question is whether the free app is accessible. I'd like to buy a few trackers, especially the wallet but don't want to find out too late that I cannot use the app. Searching Orbit on Applevis finds only the Orbit reader.