Let's play with some use case scenarios for air tags so those lovely devs can know what we want...

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So the air tags, from the sounds of it, are a pretty big thing for a lot of you, especially those with guide dogs. I was thinking we could throw some ideas about regarding other uses of these little disks for blind folk, to kick you off:

Sports, could it be possible to attach one to a Frisbee or even a football? In theory iPhones 11 and above could work like a probe to find where the item is, even, with the use of headphones and spacial audio, tell us where the ball is.

Way points: I've seen the suggestion that an air tag could be used to label a place rather than an object. I think the example given was a shed across a wide swath of lawn. Thinking further, could we use them on the road as portable way points, drop the beacon to the toilet, the lift and our desk. Of course this is direct line I guess, so doesn't really help for navigation aside from vague direction.

People: Though I find this one a little creepy, I'm thinking slapping an air tag on my niece's forehead might help me find her in her endless games of hide and seek (she doesn't get that I'm blind) but also, a partner or friend in a bar, for example, or at a festival, or any of those lovely thing's I vaguely remember, could work well. I'm not sure if 'find my' already does this sort of thing from phone to phone, but it could add another level of independence should they need to find us, if we're lost, or if we wish to find them, because we're broke.

I think the spacial applications for these little fellas could be pretty powerful and I'll be very interested to see how they are integrated with things such as spacial audio. I'm imagining the world becoming more like an audio game where, wearing our AirPods Pro or max with transparency on, we can hear the gentle chime of our Frisbee, way up there on the neighbours roof... As we all know, Frisbeetarianism is the only true faith... Look it up.

Thought's? Ideas?



Submitted by SeasonKing on Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Can it be used for photography, Say, you want to capture someone, who is standing next to a sleeping elephant. Now, without making noise, without making that Airtag go boom, without making that elephant's sleep gone, can you hand the airtag to that person and send him to stand with the elephant. Then tell iPhone to very softly, secretly, let us know in our ears that where that person is standing so that I can point the camera and take a photo? I know, this is a messy situation and a bloody tripod and timer can do a better job!
Can you use it for spatial awareness and automation? Say, I come within certain feet's of my house and the doors open, lights go disco, and the Home pod starts singing, preferably with Alexa & Google Home, on full volume, Halleluiah!
Can I create my own private obstacle course, with airtag on every obstacle, and an iPhone mounted in front of my not so fast bike or car and sound coming to me through Air pods. Call it a virtual reality Road rage!
Can I use it in a group dancing situation, with airtag for every dancer, iPhone to my chest, Air pods telling me who's coming next and from where? If not a fast pace dance then a slow one perhaps?
As the original post suggested, I can already imagine this being useful for party buddies. Say it's a huge party, in a huge venue, and your trusty friends carrying this airtag so that in need of time, you can locate them. Although my not so trusty party friends already thought of a twisted plan of sending me on a wild goose chase by throwing the tag in someone else's pocket or hanging the air tag somewhere really tough to get to. But that's just my evil lovely old friends being, well, not so trusty. Yours wouldn't probably do that ever; Ha?