Itunes problem on windows 64 bit.

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I thought they'd solved this one. I downloaded the latest version of Itunes last night and I'm still having a big problem. It used to be that I couldn't read my song list in itunes, but now I can. The problem is that I have way too much music to allow automatic sync, but when I plug in my phone I can't read the list of songs on it, which used to allow me to add things by pasting them. I know the list is there, my wife can see it. If she clicks on it, sometimes I can read it as well. The problem happens with two different screen readers, nvda and Jaws.

I'm running low on ideas, thinking of deauthorizing this computer and trying the Itunes I have not updated on another computer instead.



Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Friday, July 3, 2015

New iTunes does not read your list of audio books when you go to an author and tab to the list of books by the author with jaws 15. Do not know if this is an issue with jaws 16 or other screen readers. I wished I did not update iTunes.