I’m already bored with my iPhone 8 Plus

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I'm already bored with the iPhone 8 Plus. I bought the iPhone 8 Plus and love it, but now I'm wondering if maybe I regret my purchase. The iPhone X is promising to be the more compelling of the two phones. I was perfectly happy when I bought Apple's new iPhone 8 Plus. I still think it's the best iPhone you can buy right now. But I can't stop thinking about the iPhone X. Regrets, I have a few. Although both devices will take advantage of the best iOS 15 tricks & tips – new iPhone features, I regret buying the iPhone 8 Plus because it feels almost exactly the same as the iPhone 7 Plus in day-to-day usage, especially for the things I use my iPhone most for, like identifying money, sending emails, browsing Twitter and sending text messages. I want the brighter and more colorful OLED display and the new design of the iPhone X, where the screen goes all the way to the edges and there's no home button. I want the facial recognition and the new VoiceOver gesturesI want the phone that Apple built for enthusiasts. Unless I put my shit together soon, I won't have the new iPhone X to show off to my friends and family. As the the apple funboy, I kind of want those bragging rights. And I'll be awfully jealous of my friends who have the iPhone X if they get it before me. Guys, what are your opinion as far as iPhone 8 plus and x are concerned. Any comment would be really appreciated.



Submitted by Saqib on Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hi. Why didn't you just wait for the 10? You must of known that the 8 Plus wasn't going to be a massive improvement over the 7 Plus as there is only ever minor subtle differences year after year. I for one wouldn't bother with the 10 as I'm not mug enough to shell out a cool grand for a phone. I would rather wait until next year and then purchase it on contract or look on Amazon. I use both IOS and Android and I know that there isn't a phone out there which is worth 2 payments of a mortgage.

Submitted by sockhopsinger on Thursday, October 19, 2017

If you're that bored with the 8 plus already, might I suggest locating a rotery phone and try texting, surfing, and sending mail with that? I imagine that will end any boredom with the 8 plus real quick like! smile

Submitted by Dave Matters on Thursday, October 19, 2017

I got my 8+ a week ago. Wasn’t expecting it to be super great or over the top. Wanted to upgrade from my 6s+ though. I am a week into my 14 day return window. It’s not awesome, but it works. Still can’t decide if all the unknown, waiting, and extra cost is worth the 10. Guess I still have the week.

Submitted by That Blind Canuck on Thursday, October 19, 2017

I agree, why did you waste your money on an 8 Plus when the iPhone 10 was the one you wanted? Or why did you even upgrade from the 7 Plus? All the tech gurus say that it is not worth upgrading from the 7 to the 8 as it doesn't bring enough upgrades to make it worth it. I personally came from the 6 Plus to the 8 lus and loving mine. A huge speed boost and way better camera.

I know that the iPhone 10 has a better screen and one that goes from edge to edge, and the Facial ID, but as far as I am concerned, the price tag is too high and I don't trust Facial ID yet. It is still a 1.0 technology and will certainly get better over the years, but for now, prefer to use Touch ID, at least that has been around for several years and is much better then the first generation Touch ID.

As for the screen, if you have some eyesight, then it may be worth getting a better screen, but if you're completely blind, then it's a waste of money as far as I am concerned. But that is only my opinion.

It is certain that the iPhone 10 is pretty impressive and is not necessarily for everyone, and the same can be said for the 8 or 8 Plus, it's good to have some choice. But going back to what I said earlier, if you had the 7 Plus, why did you decide to get the 8 Plus? It was clear from Apple's keynote that the 8 Plus had the same look and feel as the 7 Plus, just had a better processor.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Thursday, October 19, 2017

Well. Suggest you get some games or apps that will keep busy. I am going to wait for the 9 next year. All the issues with face ID will be fix if any, iOS 12 probably will be better than iOS 11. To much money for it.

Submitted by Chris Smart on Thursday, October 19, 2017

At least you're honest about your FOMO (fear of missing out). This is all rather sad though. Personally, my iPhone is a tool, and a really useful tool at that, not a fashion statement or status symbol.

Submitted by Marconius on Thursday, October 19, 2017

I could not care less about the 8 nor the X. I like buttons and the headfphone jack, and the body form factor of the SE is just vastly superior to any of the newer models. I'm having a hard time figuring out if the X would even be beneficial at all for blind users. a I will concur with everyone else here and just say that you should and could have waited if you were so concerned about your life being so affected by not having the newest shiny thing. Try being more concerned about the overall use of the phone and not the presentation aspect of showing off to others.

Submitted by Moses Gitari on Thursday, October 19, 2017

While I agree with some of your comments here, I wish to reiterate that apple’s iPhone 8 Plus is a boring smartphone. A really, really boring smartphone. It looks just like the iPhone 7 Plus, which looked just like the iPhone 6s Plus, which looked just like the iPhone 6 Plus. Four consecutive years with the same smartphone design is about two years too many. New features have been added along the way, and of course there have been dramatic improvements where speed and performance are concerned. But the iOS user experience hasn’t changed much in that span of time, so some people feel almost as though they’ve been using the same phone for over three years now.

Of course, the iPhone 8 Plus is still the best smartphone in the world right now, and it’ll be the phone in my pocket until I get my hands on an iPhone X.
My point is, I love apple, but I hate iPhone 8plus.

Submitted by Anna Beige on Thursday, October 19, 2017

I understand that the iPhone x is a luxury smartphone and that there are other, more affordable iPhone moddles that we can purchase if we can't afford the x.
My brother and his wife are going to both switch from an iPhone 6S to an X. I switched from a 6 to a 7 in August, and don't regret it, even though I could have waited a little over a month to switch to the 8 instead.
My brother and his wife are also going to be on a payment plan through their cell phone carrier, which I didn't have the option of doing. I had to pay for my seven outright. I got the 256 gb version, because I figured, get the phone with the most storage space possible.
Still, paying over a thousand dollars for a smartphone is just... I feel like it's crossing some sort of line. I think, if I'd be spending over a thousand dollars on something, it would be a new braille display.

Submitted by charles on Thursday, October 19, 2017

Poor, poor thing! If you wanted the features and prestige of the iPhone 10, why did you buy the 8 plus? As for no huge design changes, big! deal!! It's the insides, not the shell that counts, isn't it? It sounds like you're more concerned with the looks than the performance. A suggestion: You've got wireless charging and a better camera, and better performance and battery life to boot. Be happy with what you've got. You've got an excellent phone at a cheaper price than the cost of the ten. How about considering the positives rather than the perceived negatives?

Submitted by That Blind Canuck on Thursday, October 19, 2017

I agree, the phone itself is perfectly fine and frankly, I mind that the OS hasn't changed much. I love it simply because it works! If you don't like the look and feel, switch to Android. I think the look and feel of the phone is fine the way it is. What else do you want them to do with the hardware, make it a clear piece of glass and be paper thin. The technology is not quite there yet, and most phones look pretty much the same anyways, a solid piece of glass and steel with a camera, microphone and buttons.

The OS may be plain and the same as it's been for a while, but it works. It does perfectly fine everything we want it to do. If you want personalisations and to customize the look and feel of your experience, Android is a perfectly good solution. Heck, I have one myself, but for my own personal use, I find the iPhone works perfectly for me, because I don't care about customizing the OS up the wazoo, I just want the thing to work the way I've always known it has.

Submitted by Moses Gitari on Thursday, October 19, 2017

hi all.
Brilliant views there. Very well put!
A few points to consider.

1. The iPhone X has a bigger screen. The iPhone 8 Plus feature5.5-inch display. The iPhone X has a massive 5.8-inch display that nearly covers the entire face of the phone.Don’t you love that? Personally, I like iPhones with huge screen.
2. The iPhone X has a faster, more secure way to unlock your phone. I know you are bit skeptical about this. To put things into proper perspective,I have done a substantial research about the face ID thing and I can assure you iPhone X Face ID feature will be accessible to blind iPhone users,, no doubt about it.Apple says the system learns your face, even if you’re wearing glasses, a hat, or change your hairstyle. And importantly, it says the system can’t be fooled by a photograph of you. Overall, it’s much better than the face-unlock systems we’ve seen on other smartphones, but we’ll have to really test it out in harsher conditions — and try to fool it, of course. Let’s go!.
3. The iPhone X also has a better rear camera, too. I’m KNFB reader user and therefore I must give iPhone X a upper hand on that arena.
The major difference here is that the iPhone X has optical image stabilization (OIS) for both the wide-angle and telephoto lenses in the rear camera system. The iPhone 8 Plus, which has a similar rear camera setup, only has OIS for the wide-angle lens. This change means the iPhone X can take sharper shots, especially in low-light settings.
4. the iPhone X feels like the future of Apple smartphone.
Last but not least, taking away the Touch ID sensor on iPhone X is good idea. I think we should embrace change. Line

Submitted by That Blind Canuck on Thursday, October 19, 2017

It is true that the iPhone X has some benefits over the iPhone 8/8 Plus. At the end of the day, you buy the phone that is the best fit for you. There isn't one phone that is a perfect fit for everyone. Some of the options have positives and negatives, but the trick is finding the one that will best meet your needs. For some the iPhone X is the better fit for particular reasons, which is perfectly fine. Just like the 8 and 8 Plus are a fit for others. And for others, keeping their 6/6 Plus or 6S/6S Plus, or even the 7/7 Plus works fine for them. There isn't really one right answer. What I need is not the same as what someone else needs.

The great thing is that at least with Apple, you have multiple options to choose from. My niece has a 6S and she is perfectly happy with her phone.

So at the end of the day, pick the phone that will best serve your needs and don't worry about what others say. As long as you're happy with your choice, that is the most important thing.

Hi Blinken223,
I get your point however, I wrote this post because many people might be thinking of opting to purchase the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus to save a few bucks. That’s completely understandable, because that’s exactly what I was thinking after the $999 scared me off at first. But as I did research on pricing, specs and features, I concluded to buy the iPhone 8 Plus.
In considering the iPhone 8 Plus (in the 64GB variant, because I don’t need that much storage), I thought I would save much more money by sacrificing all the bells and whistles offered by the iPhone X, but that’s not the case. If I’m paying $800 for the iPhone 8 Plus, I might as well pay $1,000 for the iPhone X hopefully in the near future.

So what features are you missing out on with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus? More than you think.

Yes, you do get the A11 Bionic chip and wireless charging with the iPhone 8, along with a dual camera and 3GB of RAM with the iPhone 8 Plus, but there’s more.

The most notable new feature is the gorgeous 5.8-inch OLED Super Retina display that blows the iPhone 8 Plus’ 5.5-inch LCD RetinaHD display out of the water. We won’t talk about the iPhone 8’s display because it doesn’t stand a chance.

I want to feel like I own a truly new iPhone, instead of an incremental perfection design that's been rehashed since the iPhone 6.
I,’m not everybody though.
I probably should have waited for the X. Maybe I'll try preordering it later this month and, if shipment times aren't too long, I'll make the switch.

Last year’s iPhone 7 broke the trend by keeping the same overall look of the iPhone 6 and 6S. It was the first iPhone to “go up a number” while keeping the overall physical design essentially the same. I wish to point out that the design was a bit dated and boring.

So imagine what we’re thinking now that Apple has persistently kept the 2014 design of the iPhone 6 for a fourth straight year with the iPhone 8 and 8 plus.
In fact the iPhone 8 plus annoys me so much that I don’t want to talk about it. I’ll wait however long to purchase the iPhone X, the only new Apple device worth acknowledging. I suggest readers do the same. The iPhone X may be pricey, but if you must buy a new Apple phone anytime in the next year, go for the X, or buy the iPhone 7 for a discount. Do not buy the iPhone 8 — it’s not worth it.

Submitted by Brian on Thursday, October 19, 2017

While I cannot fault you or anyone wishing they had a $1000 iPhone. I personally would rather put that money toward a new Mac. Also, I happen to love my TouchID, it is very convenient as I do not have to pull my iPhone out of my pocket to unlock. As I tend to use my phone for travel with my Seeing Eye Dog, its super handy to be able to keep an earbud/bluetooth earpiece in and use my iPhone without taking it out and potentially dropping it on the sidewalk/in the park/etc.

I will say one thing to the OP. Is a .3 inch screen differential really going to matter? Not trying to troll you, I just really want to know.
Final thought, the all new super duper camera that can take a picture of an atom taking a dump from half a mile away.. will. not. improve. KNFB. reader. True story.

/end [my2Cents] ;)

Submitted by That Blind Canuck on Thursday, October 19, 2017

If the iPhone X is a better fit for you, then by all means. I know for me, it wasn't worth the extra cost. Being completely blind, the new screen is useless and lost on me and having that slightly better camera, it wasn't worth the price. If I'd be coming from an iPhone 7 Plus, then I would never have upgraded to the 8 Plus, but coming from a 6 Plus. that was starting to show its age, and not wanting to go to the 7 Plus and have a phone that was already a year old, I figured I would jump up and get the 8 Plus. I too didn't get the max memory as for me, it was a little bit of a budget thing, plus I am not even using half my memory and my phone is loaded with tons of music and all my content.

As for the look and design, I find that there isn't really anything drastic that Apple needs to change for the look. Most phones are design the same way, a plate of glass and steel, and it works fine. The only thing that they should upgrade is the inner workings, which they do. I don't really worry or care about the outside look. Some may want to be that childish and show off to their friends that they got the latest and greatest, but really, there is no need to show off to others. I don't mean any disrespect, it's just that for me, as long as the phone does what I need it to do, or like I say, just works, then I don't care about the outside look, as it is going to spend it's time in a case anyways. As for the OS, I do agree that Apple could do some tweaks to change the OS a bit, but for the most part, as the outside design, it simply works, and that is plenty for most people.

But like I said, the important thing is to find the device that works for you, whether its an iPhone X, an 8 Plus or even an SE, there isn't one phone that is a perfect fit for everyone, or else Apple wouldn't have multiple options to choose from.

And again, not meaning to be disrespectful, it was kind of stupid going from a 7 Plus to an 8 Plus, and then wanting an iPhone X. Like I said, in Apple's keynote, it was made very clear that the iPhone 8/8 Plus were simply an evolutionary upgrade and not a revolutionary. I would say that the 8 and 8 Plus would be best suited as a 7S and 7S Plus. Don't know why they jumped the "S" model this year, but who truly understands Apple's reasoning?

I hope you enjoy your iPhone X and that it works fine for you.

Submitted by Larry on Thursday, October 19, 2017

I upgraded from a 5s to an 8, and while I am still getting used to the larger form factor, I am loving the phone. I thought long and hard about whether to get the 8 or 10, in the end, the cost-benefit ratio for me overwhelmingly favoured the 8. For example:

The 10 has a larger screen, more beutiful colours, and better camera... All good features, but, as a blind user, features that are completely useless to me. As I have been skeptical of the larger form factor of the 8, I knew I would be even more so with the 10s. I am sure Face-ID will work fine, but for now I am perfectly happy with Touch-ID.

One of the things that makes and iPhone an iPhone is iOs. While the 8 have increased the speed of my workflow, I am basically using the same features, so, naturally the experience feels similar. The hype of the 10 will come and go, leaving the iPhone 10 users with a similar day-to-day experience as with other iPhones. But as mentioned several times before, each to their own, iPhone 8 was the right choice for me, iPhone 10 will be the right choice for someone else.

Submitted by Moses Gitari on Thursday, October 19, 2017

The two biggest questions for me focus on the iPhone X's most daring design change, ditching the home button. Will it actually make the phone more convenient to use? And will using my face to unlock the phone benefit Me, or is it just a workaround? My answer is simple. The X is the best iPhone, no questions, and it's quickly jumped to the top of the best phones, period. Yeah, it's going to cost me, but i already knew that. Additionally, The iPhone X is over a thousand dollars but I get to make myself into a poop emoji, so ya, it's worth it. I wonder why on earth the blind people have problems with super duper screen of iPhone X. Like I said, personally, I love huge screens. Some may be thinking, So if you were sleeping and your girl picks the iPhone X and puts it in your face, it just unlocks it yeah? Lol. Thanks Apple. But no. Finally, for the record, I am totally blind. Having said that, the lack of any fingerprint reader could cause problems for people who either cover their face for religious or professional reasons but not for blind people. Really hoping Apple thought about these issues. as far as iPhone x is concern, I just want it, I deserve good things too, smiley.

Submitted by charles on Thursday, October 19, 2017

In reply to by Moses Gitari

Personally, I can see a big benefit to keeping the same design. We don't have to keep buying new cases. It really does bother me when new phones come onto the market, and the only design changes are the placement of the buttons. I paid $100 for a case with a built-in battery, and a year later, new phones come out that cannot be put into this expensive case due to the location of a button or two, or a differently shaped button here and there. As for the bigger and better screen, I could not care less, as I only use it for touching. My 7 plus works perfectly, so I'm staying with it.

Submitted by Lysette Chaproniere on Thursday, October 19, 2017

Member of the AppleVis Blog Team

I don't think the issue is that "blind people have problems with super duper screen of iPhone X" but rather, if you're blind, how would the better screen benefit you? What would make it worth the cost? Unless, of course, you care a lot about how your phone looks to other people. I'm not saying you shouldn't get it necessarily; I just wanted to clarify.

For me, it isn't worth the cost; there's nothing about the iPhone X that makes me want it even slightly. I upgraded to the iPhone 7 only last month, even though I knew the new iPhones would be out very soon, and I'm happy with my decision.

Submitted by Chris Smart on Friday, October 20, 2017

Maybe this guy is just trolling us. In that case, you're a genius and we've all been had by your brilliant satire on capitalism and consumer culture. LOL

Submitted by George on Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lucky you, you need to be thankful you can afford an iPhone 8+. To most blind people an iPhone is an essential tool to their everyday life. Using knfb reader, TapTapSee, BlindSquare and seeing ai. I have saved up my DLA for many months to afford my iPhone 8 which cost £700. An iPhone is not a status symbol, to me it is a thing that makes my everyday life easier. No offence meant to anyone, best wishes, George

Submitted by david s on Saturday, October 21, 2017


Sounds like you always want to have the latest and greatest. Lucky for you, you’re not alone and Apple is aware of it. Take your 8 to an Apple store and inquire about the Apple upgrade program. For a monthly fee, you can upgrade to the latest iPhones as they become available.

Personally, I’m upgrading from a 7 plus to the X. I think the advance multi sensor on the front of the camera is worth the difference in price. As the phone becomes widely available, more apps will use it and not just for facial ID. In addition, the battery life on the X is a bit better as far as battery life.

Submitted by Moses Gitari on Saturday, October 21, 2017

In reply to by George

I understand but look, when you already own a smartphone that is perfectly fine, shouldn't you upgrade when a phone is capable of much more? Or -- and this is a very Apple thing -- when a new device is just downright more desirable than whatever you're currently holding? It's not be the best reason to buy a new phone, but the smartphone is a fashion accessory in its own right, and iPhones have always traded on their desirability.

Submitted by jrjolley (not verified) on Saturday, October 21, 2017

I went to the eight plus from a 5S and love mine. I am interested in the ten of course but my thinking was straightforward. FaceID will trickle down the line next year, the notch is a stupid ugly hack and to be honest, OLED has issues as well.

This post just comes over as a whiny one really. The author comes over like an Apple Fantard, someone to avoid at all costs because they believe phones are nothing more than a social status. For me, the iPhone is a means to an end and I am the same with my 12.9 iPad first gen and my Mini 4. I use iOS entirely without mac or windows so my devices are my only computers so I need proven tech.

Hi James Jolley,
I’m not winy as you explicitly put it. Listen, I love my Apple products. I’ve used Macs since day one. My desk right now has on it my MacBook Pro with Touch bar, MacBook Air, iPad Pro, Thunderbolt Display and iPhone. Oh, and an Apple Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Trackpad, of course.

My friends are convinced that I’m incapable of leaving the house without my iPad, and I have to confess that the evidence is on their side. My car has an iPhone dock so I can listen to music and podcasts as my driver is driving me to work. If I’m on a plane, train or tube, it’s a near-certainty that I’ll be using my iPad or listening to music on my iPhone – or both.
Don’t misunderstand me: I don’t use the term to describe people who love Apple products. I’m one of those. By fanbois, I mean those who are so utterly fanatical about it that they will scream and shout and stamp their feet if anyone so much as dares to level the slightest hint of criticism at Apple, or to say anything even vaguely complimentary about Windows or Android. My decision to upgrade to iPhone X from 8plus and from 7plus should not sound a big deal. The price tag of iPhone x does not shake me a bit. Like I said, I deserve good things. After all. I’m living within my means.

Submitted by Rocker on Saturday, October 21, 2017

Freeman! Man up and switch to android!

Submitted by Moses Gitari on Saturday, October 21, 2017

In reply to by Rocker

I do not love Apple. I am not swayed by their marketing or history or their coolness factor. I simply admire them. Android, however, I hate. At least, as much as any person can hate a smartphone platform.

Android just isn’t that good. Worse, it’s just not that good when the potential to be good is easily within reach. Whereas iOS, Apple’s operating system, is a thing of beauty, I view Android as a copy of a copy, one whose primary purpose is to capture more of my digital footprint.

This is not an emotional view. It is fully rational. Here are my six reasons for admiring Apple iPhone and hating Google Android:

1. It just works

iOS is more functional and more intuitive – by far. It works seamlessly across all my iOS devices, including my old iPhone 4s and my second-gen iPad, and integrates well with my three-year-old MacBook air. iTunes is easier to navigate and use than Google Play, payments are a snap, finding the right music and video works simply and efficiently. I’ve even found that oftentimes the exact same app works better on iPhone than Android. This is not by chance. Everything about iOS is simpler than Android. Simple is always better. If you are harder, more complex, difficult, than you better offer some valid reason for this. Android does not.

2. Support

The majority of Android users are using an outdated version of the OS. This is anti-user nonsense. As an iPhone user, I do not have to rely on Samsung or HTC or Verizon or Google for my updates. Apple makes sure I get every single update, without fail.

If there is a problem with my device, I go straight to Apple. There is no confusion, no uncertainty, no multiple points of culpability.

Every app I purchase, every movie I rent or song I buy I do so through Apple’s iTunes. I do not ever concern myself about carrier billing versus Google Checkout, for example. Better, simpler, and with a single point of contact for support.

3. Security

To the best of my knowledge, I have never had my identity stolen via my Android phone. I have never been the victim of malware nor has any Android device I’ve used been hit with a virus. But, facts are facts. Android is more vulnerable to malware and viruses and other security threats than iPhone. This is well documented. I would simply rather not take the chance.

4. Original and Best

I never understand why Android users deny this. Obviously, Android is a copy of iPhone. Android started as a copy of Blackberry. When iPhone revealed the future of mobile communications, Android switched paths. Smart move. But, let’s not deny it. The problem, of course, is that the entire Android experience strikes me as a rather pale copy of iOS. Full touchscreen, swiping, Touch ID to unlock, square app icons, an app store – all taken directly from Apple, but not as well. It’s no wonder Apple was forced to launch patent and copyright infringement suits against so many Android makers. I want to support innovation, not copying.

5. Quality

I have no illusions that low-end Android devices are made of cheap hardware, out of necessity. The problem is that even high-end Android devices feel cheap to me. The Samsung Galaxy, for example, feels like cheap plastic. Why is this? Nokia devices are solid. Blackberry makes quality devices. It’s not just Apple that shines here. Android, however, seems not to care about quality – at least on the outside. This always makes me think they don’t care about quality on the inside. I don’t have enough money to buy devices of suspect quality.
6. Cluttered
I like the idea of multiple app stores. I like the idea of widgets. I like the idea of altering settings from the home screen and/or within the app. These aren’t possible (or practical) with iPhone. But with Android, the idea fails in execution. The Android interface is cluttered and ugly.  There are numerous studies that reveal that iPhone users use their device far more than their Android counterparts. I suspect it’s because Android is, frankly, cluttered and less intuitive.
I’m all apple.

Submitted by George on Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hi Freeman. If you are lucky enough to have a job then I don’t blame you for having all the latest apple products. However, many blind people in the UK find it very difficult to find employment and are dependent on government benefits and therefore deeply value any apple product they can afford. They do not see an iPhone as a fashion accessory. Luckily I have worked for 34 years but am reliant on assistive technology (which is paid for by the government). Best wishes, George

Submitted by Joseph on Sunday, October 22, 2017

Wow. Just wow. I have no comments to make on this one.

Submitted by SoundSchemer on Sunday, October 22, 2017

My iPhone 6 is still going well right now, and over here in New Zealand, I think the iPhone 10 is going to be at least $3400.99 as far as I've heard. So, I'm deciding to keep my life simple, and put more important things 1st.

Submitted by That Blind Canuck on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

So I've had my 8 Plus for about 3 months now and I have to say I am still loving it. I do not regret for one second passing on the 10. It's a pretty phone and all, but for me, the 8 Plus is still a better fit then the 10. I just can't get passed Touch ID. I trust it more then Face ID. I'm sure that one day I'll probably have to bite the bullet and get the newest iPhone, that will most likely not have Touch ID, but until that day comes, I am loving my 8 Plus.

Submitted by becky on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I am convinced that Face ID is accessible, but I still like the home button and the touch ID. Convenience and functionality are my top priority. Oh, yes, let's not forget about the headphone jack! I'll stay with the iPhone SE for as long as I can. It is getting harder for me to justify purchasing new technology now that I'm closer to owning my second dream device-- the Orbit Reader.
Amazingly, you can get a 20 cell display and an iPhone SE for about as much or slightly less than the iPhone 10.
So, why would I be motivated to get a device visually appealing to the sighted? Face ID might be faster, but if you come from an iPhone 5, an iPhone SE is great! The iPhone 5 makes for a nice iPod and a device that can still run 32-bit apps. The iPhone is a major investment for many of us. I've learned after IOS11 that it is often best to wait. Technology is like clothes-- the fashions come and go.

Submitted by becky on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I am an IOS user, but it's hard to believe that Android is really so bad given the number of devices it can be found on including really expensive notetakers.
Some are complaining that the numerous iPhones are introducing fragmentation in Apple's product line.
Apple had to correct a number of errors recently so can we say that quality control is really that different between IOS and android?
Not likely given that there are still older iPhones in use.
What matters the most is whether or not the apps you rely on are supported on your platform of choice, and are you careful about what you click on?

Submitted by Moses Gitari on Saturday, December 16, 2017

i have been using iPhone X for about a month now. What surprised me most about the phone is how I don’t miss Touch ID or the home button. I have turned my 8 Plus into an iPod.

Submitted by Ekaj on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

All this iPhone talk is making me quite jealous, lol! I actually just minutes ago scheduled an in-person tutorial on the iPhone, to see if it is right for me. My parents and other team members here are skeptical, but I figure if my brother who is a screen reader user has one, I can too. My session is at a place here in the Chicago area called Second Sense. They were the Guild for the Blind, but the name change came a few years ago I think. I don't quite know what all will be covered during this session, but I suspect the guy will guide me through various iPhone settings.

Submitted by Ahmed on Thursday, November 28, 2019

In reply to by Holger Fiallo

Apple skipped the nine and went for the IphoneX

Submitted by Ahmed on Monday, December 2, 2019

In reply to by That Blind Canuck

One crucial factor at risk is support for older IPhone models will be discontinued no matter how you argue at the end of the day you will be forced to learn new IPhones and how they work with VoiceOver You will be forced to switch weather you like it or not

You’re lucky that you have a job to begin with do you know how much of the blind community residing in the US are unemployed? Up to 70% are unemployed