Field podcast clip microphone easy to use with IOS

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Hey guys and gals,

As I know so many of you are kinda geniuses with audio equipment and, well, I'm not, I was hoping you could help. I'm starting a podcast and need a microphone, or two preferably, one for me and one for my guide hippy, to record when we're out and about. I'm thinking of some sort of lapel clip mic or something? Are such things still about? A google search didn't really return much... Added to this, I'm using an iPhone seven... Naughty iPhone seven for shedding your headphone jack. I'm looking for something I can wear and talk into without any tangling or it getting in the way for times when, for example, I'm rock climbing, or doing archery, or, as has been decided by my guide hippy will be an episode, whilst I'm having a make over...

Any suggestions would be great, anything bluetooth about? It's a podcast so, though quality of recording is important, it isn't essential as long as listeners can hear what me and my guide hippy are banging on about.