Grand theft auto accessibility

Hello applevis Community,
Is it possible for a totally blind user to play grand theft auto on an iPhone? I heard that you can with an Xbox and computer, but can you play on an iOS device?



As fa as I'm aware, I'm afraid it's not possible. I wish it would be, because it's a great game, but I'm not sure how it could be made accessible for the iPhone.

Grant Theft auto

It is not accessible on console or on the computer so not sure where you heard that it was.

I'm a computer you can blow things up

You can do things like blow car is up, cheat for tank and then run everything over, get into fights with people… But you can't really do the missions… So yes, it is somewhat playable on a computer, but not really… I don't know about the iPhone version. I may just have to try to see what happens. I am Magent, though, that all the controls are set up to be like joysticks, so you'd have to know where they were.