GPS advice

Hi all. I work with a lot of blind young people in my job, and recently I have been asked this a few times. What GPS apps do people use? Personally I like the built in Apple maps. I like that I can just see a list of the directions on a route, but for me the big thing that it is missing is information such as, it will say in 100 yards turn left, but it won't say if this is the first left, or the second or third etc.

All I'm looking for is directions from one place to another without over loads of information about what else is around. I know blindsquare is great for telling you all about what's around, but I'm just looking for directions detailed enough for a blind person to get door to door... Of course I know no GPS is currently accurate enough to get you to a door, but at least close enough would do...

If anyone has any suggestions of which apps are best for this purpose I would be very grateful!


#1 GPS

I only really use Blind Square although I never used it to go to an unknown root. I do like Blind Square however I would like to find a good GPS app that used Apple or Google maps. I'm trying out Seeing Eye GPS which does have that feature to switch where it gets the info which is nice. However you do have to pay for it and when it comes to paying for Seeing Eye or a 1 time purchess of Blind Square that does almost the same thing I don't think it would be worth the price. I brought Ariadne GPS to but I don't think that does roots that I know of, it's more of an add locations as you go sort of thing.

#2 Thanks

Thanks for the reply. Good detail. Might give seeing eye a go see if it's any good. By the sounds of it not sure its exactly what we're looking for though