getting RiVo set up with iPhone

So my shiny new RiVO remote came in yesterday. Looks like it is a new design with buttons on the front in columns rather than the round shape of the last model. Been reading the manual, which the translation into english is rather poor, and can't seem to get the device paired with iPhone via bluetooth. One of the older models used to use an app to run the device, but doesn't seem like this is necessary to pair. It just seems like we can use the regular bluetooth settings area, and add it as a device. Just have to figure out how to get it to show up. Any ideas?


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To make sure I have the correct device, the manual says:
8.2. To pair the iPhone and the Rivo, Rivo needs to be in the pairing mode. If Rivo has never been paired previously, it is automatically put into the pairing mode when turned on, and there are three short vibrations and the blue LED blinks. Otherwise, press L3 + 0, # to put Rivo into the pairing mode.
If this is the right device, with bluetooth on and the bluetooth screen open in settings, on the RIVO hold down the R3 button and press the 0 key and release it. Then press the# button and then release both R3 and # keys. After about ten seconds the RIVO should appear in the list of devices on the phone. Double tap the connect button. While the manual does not say this, I found that voiceover must be on for the pairing to work.

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After sending the above, I found an error. R3 should be L3. Sorry about that. I also found using the on screen keyboard easier than the text entry keys on the RIVO. Press R4 twice while holding down L4 to toggle the on screen keyboard on/off.