Gesture based keyboard: Making swipes work with voiceover

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Hello friends,
I am working on a gesture based keyboard app called Gestype ( which allows anyone to type fast on touchscreen devices, irrespective of their visual ability.

I am trying to make the app work with voiceover and running into issues with making swipes and taps work with voiceover.

Specifically, say, I have one big label. Right swiping, anywhere on that label results in typing the alphabet "a".
However, when I turn voiceover on, the swipe function is lost.

Any suggestions on fixing this ?



Direct touch

There is a line of code that you can put into your app that basically means that even though VoiceOver may be enabled, VoiceOver will pass all gestures through to the application and not be interpreted by VoiceOver.

There is a guide on this website that gives the exact lines of code and some instructions for use. You can find that guide here: I hope this was useful for you, and I look forward to your app.


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Oh thats exactly what I need. Thanks!

Btw, will be doing a small kickstarter for this keyboard soon, will keep you guys updated.

-Tarun M

Solution: Direct touch for iOS Swift

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Awesome! It worked !!

Below is the solution in iOS swift:
self.view.isAccessibilityElement = true
self.view.accessibilityTraits = UIAccessibilityTraitAllowsDirectInteraction

Thanks much!