The next iPhone: what are you hoping for?

Hi all,With an official announcement likely to be made in the next couple of weeks, the Internet is awash with speculation about the next generation iPhone.All extremes seem to be available: from a complete new design with major hardware changes, to a minor update that will be little more than a facelift of the iPhone 4.Personally, I have seen little that has made me think that I will be in a line outside of an Apple store on the day of release. I am, however, looking forward to the release of iOS 5.So, what is everybody else hoping to see in the next generation iPhone? Which of the rumours are you hoping to be true? And, of course, what improvements are you hoping to see in accessibility?Ian


Little chance of memory slots

I can't imagine Apple ever incorporating a memory slot in an iDevice, as people would then only buy the models with the lowest internal memory.The only way this could possibly happen, is if Apple limited the use to their own proprietary memory cards.I suspect that the product design team at Apple might also have problems with the aesthetics of a memory slot <smile>

8 mp camera and "Assistant"

Well, my 3G s has just about bit the dust, so I would upgrade on the spot no matter what changes. Been holding off buying the 4 only because a new one was coming.

That said, I believe an 8 mp camera might finally be capable of supporting the kind of OCR available in some Nokea phones. And if the "Assistant" feature, which requires a faster processor and more ram, is anything like what is being reported on TUAW

and 9to5Mac

then the combination of IOS 5 and the next gen iPhone will definitely be compelling.

What I'm wondering is will

What I'm wondering is will they actually also release an iPod touch 5, since I'm not sure if I will be able to purchase an iPhone, and the assistant thing sounds like it'd be something extremely useful and interesting. I don't understand why'd they need a faster processor for it though, since it's not like it's processing all the time, only when you call it up. Even if they won't support it officially, I won't be surprised if the JB community release a hack for iPhone 4's to enable it.

all things will know next tuesday.

well. acording the news told me that next tuesday will have something anounsment about the next I phone. whether is I phone 5 or I phone 4S. looking forward to it.