devices tested (in app directory entries)

I was browsing the app directory and saw the devices tested heading there. on most apps, there is only one device there. but what if we add users ability to select their device also as tested? For example if i download an app to my 3rd gen iPod touch, what is tested with iPhone 4, then i can select that i've tested it with iPod 3g and it is working.
I know that most apps that work with iPhone 4 work with iPod 3 also, but for example look tel money reader don't because iPod 3 has no camera. so what do you think:D


Hi Jakob, Thanks for the

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Hi Jakob,Thanks for the suggestion.This feature would need to allow people the option to add additional comments and observations, particularly in the case of universal apps, where there can be significant differences between iPhone and iPad versions of an app.I'll certainly give the idea more thought, but my initial reaction is that the existing commenting system is probably the best way for people to report their own experiences (be that to agree with the original posting, add to it or to disagree with it).David